its just recently that i received the Milani Earthly Delights palette and I'm loving it!!!i got it as a freebie from a very sweet and generous kikay mom like me. =D anyway here is the look i made using this palette and a video tutorial on the look,okay i was sick when i filmed it you can tell by my voice.

  • Meow Cosmetics FF abyssinian
  • Nyx COncealer in a jar
  • Kanebo Media Oil contol Base
  • Ocean mist saffron Concealer
  • Estee lauder peach shade Blush(refill)
  • Etude house Secret Beam Highlighter
  • The Body Shop Brush on Bronze

here's the finished eyes again before the video tutorial:

warning cam whoring starts here ~heheh (yah right,it already started on the first phrase of this post)

I'm really not good at contouring or applying bronzers,i need a good contour makeup,those with no shimmers.

i think ill wear bronzers a little more often,I'm neglecting their sun kissed finish.

that's that ladies i hope you're not getting bored with my Looks,i usually don't wear them out,i made them all just for you guys *Sniff* ..have a nice day XOXO

7 Beauty Bag Lovers:

Louie said...

ang kiniz wala na akong masabi pa .grrr

Stacieee said...

Thanks for the tutorial, the look is so pretty & wearable!

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

louie-i missseeeedd you!!!haha,its all in the camera louie.

staciee-thanks dear i love milani palette their so pigmented and very easy to work with

oOchaOo said...

nice look sis! love the colors you used :) and no, im not getting bored with your looks. i want to see more hihi ^__^

GirL With GLasSes... said...

shobe ganda narinig ko na naman sweet voice mo =)

nice video tut i love it.

one question? ano yung spray mo sa brush? is that water? or facial mist?

GirL With GLasSes... said...

and of course...

awww... di naman ako bored sa looks mo ah! ako naboboring ako sa sarili ko pero sayo of course not!

another question: yung paintpot ba kapareho ng power ng updd or tfsi or artdeco or kahit anong eye primer?

i have oily lids.. sobra... pwede ka mag fry ng quail eggs sa dalawang ibabaw pag lunch time na... i want to buy paintpot but im kind of hesitant baka kasi ma oily.

what do you think? kailangan pa sa ilalim ng eye primer then paintpot?

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

cha-Thanks a lot hehe

Jing-for me torn kasi,most of the time pag PP lang gamit ko it doesnt crease pero merong times na nagcrease siya,you still need to use a primer just to be safe kahit chipipay lang..i have oily lids too,paintpot is kinda drying pag nasa lids na.i mean what i do before i use it is i spray it with some water mixed with glycerine(one spritz)para lang may tiny droplets sa top ng pot,para its not that hard to blend pag nasa lids ko na kasi medyo mabilis siya magdry...pero yung bare study i use it w/o a primer and it works naman..kahit chipipay na primer underneath it works for me,creaseless for the whole day na.yung delft when i used it may nakita akong konting creasing kaso medyo makapal yung gamit ko.

saka yung nasa bottle spray water and glycerine hehe.

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