How to:Mac Fafi Eyes 2 Day Look

Wednesday, January 13, 2010
yesterday me and Lil r went to the mall,and little miss beauty bag decided to use her fafi palette for a day look..(night look click here)=D so here it is i also did a pic tut =D

  • Neutrogena fine fairness powder
  • Mac Love Rock
  • Nyx Concealer in a jar(fair)
  • Maybelline Berry Beam
  • Aquaphor Ointment

finished eyes~

1.Bold As Gold 2. Shockwave 3. You're Fresh 4.Prankster

Prime lids and Apply Base.(mac P/p Barestudy)

1.Prime your lids and apply base
2.apply your so fresh all over the lid blending a little bit above the natural crease line
3.apply shockwave on the outer part of the lid blend upwards and halfway inwards in the crease
4.apply bold as gold as a highlight and blend the harsh edges out

5.using a crease brush apply the shockwave on the outer part of the lid blending back and forth to define the outer part of the eyes and give depth.
6.Blend it.
7.Apply your liner and wing it out just a little.
8.CURL LASHES and Apply mascara then were finish..

the finished eye again...soft and muted great for daytime.

looking straight


9.apply your lip balm.(let it sit for atleast 3-4 mins)
10.apply your under eye concealer.
11.Lipstick(berry shade)-Maybelline's Berry Beam
12.Neutrogena powder foundation

13.using a kabuki brush apply it and buff rock blush
15.apply it on the Cheeks and blend it upwards for a lifting effect

see how sheer they are..the shades looks so unique too.

me with my glasses again~hehe =D

again thanks for visiting and hope you all like the look have a nice day guys XOXO~

4 Beauty Bag Lovers:

twinsouls888 said...

I love this tut ^_^ Very pretty EOTD shobe ^_^

Kay said...

love the eyes dear.. but i love the lips even more.. you look pretty as always.. :)

Ida said...

nice daytime look sis, very natural :) and nice glasses ah :)

Badet said...

Very comprehensive tutorial. =)

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