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Wednesday, January 27, 2010
okay I've been missing on my food post,but that's about to,i love food,well who doesn't?anyway we headed out at random places last week,and ended up at Greenhills,we waited for the boys to come since it was just me and my bilas pearl who actually went out together,and after that" we"..i mean they decided to eat at tender bob's restaurant..

the place was really not that big,as you can see in front of us was the kitchen already..

beside that kitchen is where they store the wines and condiments..

this little guy right here was at our table so i thought.."hey how generous of they to give us a complimentary drink"....well not really..pearl told me that they do leave wines on every table so....If you DRINK it..You'll have to PAY for smart..

a piece of their menu.

Bottomless iced tea
Cost:80php each.

fish and Chips~

i like their dip..tangy and sweet

their fish..well,doesn't taste that good,it wasn't juicy nor palatable,its squishy and oily.there's nothing much to say...

Meat Platter..
i think it has 4 kinds of meat(baby backribs,steak,chicken,pork)
cost:900-990php(i forgot the exact price)

their gravy was delicious~perfect for the steaks.

the table of the hungry packs..empty..

Mr.R and me
Pearl and Kuya rommel(looking hungry already)

wallet damage? 1800 php inclusive of service charge

this guys right here were fun to watch...boring they may look but its fun to watch..

and look at them donuts..all lined and smelling yummy..this batch were all cooked then they'll walk or slide or run..through that chocolate waterfalls over there at left side of the photo

yup its crispy creme..those delicious donuts needs some tender loving...imma go need one right now...xiao ladies XOXO

5 Beauty Bag Lovers:

donnarence said...

nakakagutom ang post mo shobe!!! hehe matry nga dito kasama si bf..

Askmewhats said...

thanks for sharing the food post, grabe your final photo looks pretty!

*Nehs* said...

wah... ang chalap naman!!! we just ate baby back ribs too! :D hays.. fave ko talaga ang ribs. great photos shobe!

GirL With GLasSes... said...

meat galore! now im hungry =(

Anonymous said...

gosh foooood @0@!! kelan ba ang huling kain ko ng baby backribs hays naman tagal tagal na 100 years na ata lol

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