hi ladies so last night my Bilas and her friend came to visit us with my cute little niece,we decided and by the word "we" i mean "i" to do a makeover..well to tell you the truth it was i who needed it..you'll soon see why..

id like to introduce Joysa to you guys .We decided to do a party look...she told me that she'd like her lids or eyes to be defined,she has a typical Asian almond eyes,with a small lid space.its not an over the top party look,its simple and very wearable even during daytime less the liner..

Joysa's Before and after
the foundations that i used was my shade..but it kinda matched her skin tone...especially the Nyx Concealer which is in fair..would you look at that..it looked light on me but on her..it didn't

okay im no photographer..my trusty sony w150 camera twilight mode...pfff.

products used:

kanebo media oil control base
meow cosmetics FF abyssinian
cargo topeka blush
TBS brush on Bronze
Etude highlighter
Nyx thalia(lips)
Ten Beauty gloss(lips)
Brown eyeshadow(to contour the nose)
Nyx concealer in a jar(fair)


Looking down~

closed eyes:

product used:
monistat primer
mac delft Paintpot
coastal scents 88 matte palette
coastal scents gel liner
maybelline studio eyeliner
maybelline cat eyes mascara
etude white eyeshadow

far glance of the eye makeup,i also contoured her nose,not much nose contouring though,i just did a soft one just to give her a defined and quite strong feature

i wasn't able to erase the smudges from the eyes mainly because joysa kept on talking and moving and moving and moving ehehe.but that's okay dear joysa =D

this is the only photo i edited..and it looked sexy~

now i looked sick..my hormones were twisted and it still is..get it ladies?those days when we feel bloated..haha.i didn't even brushed my hair or wiped my face..ooohh.buy joysa looked pretty..i do hope she liked the look
okay I'm really not that good as of the moment,that is why i want to see/hear your thoughts on how i did..good or bad ill gladly appreciate the comment.=D xoxo thanks for visiting

12 Beauty Bag Lovers:

GirL With GLasSes... said...

awww... you are getting really really good with your makeup skills camille... i hope that talent would not get into waste because i am such a fan of your skill.

you should definitely enroll in a makeup school, or at least a seminar. i know that you are already good, but certificate is what a makeup enthusiast always want.

keep it up camille...

LADY JOAN said...

nice makeup camille! kudos to yah!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

i think you did a great job,hun!
you're getting better & better!

have a great wee

Askmewhats said...

awww congrats for this, such a great before and after shot :) keep it up!

Khymm said...

you did a great job shobe!

Bea said...

the makeover is really really nice.bagay sa kanya yung makeover :)

RHiiAN said...

great job...♥

Chrissy said...

Great job, sis! She looked different after the makeover. Still pretty but her features were much more accentuated. :)

makeupjunkie said...

ooh pretty! her look really changed!

good job! :D

donnarence said...

thumbs up shobe!! ako nahirapan ako magmakeup sa iba.. but you did an awesome job.. makeover talaga

Sush said...

you did a great job!! :)

twinsouls888 said...

awesome job girl, you did really good ;)

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