How to: Sexy Sultry Purple with Glitters

Friday, January 29, 2010
here i am once again for another Look,this one is great for clubbing or a dinner date to a classy restaurant,i also made a video tut on this one,pardon my skin by the way..i just woke up and never applied any foundation ,cause i was too lazy to wash my face first haha.

purple eyes~woohoo,with touches of glitters on the lid..

i totally love purple eyeshadows,it looks great on any skin tone. or eye color

so this is the finished eyes again before the video...hope you'll like it. =D
(volumes kinda low)
sorry for the messy video,this was just an impromptu recording,not prepared and i sounded so spaced out

more eye shots:

products used:
  • ellana MPM orchid
  • coastal scents88 matte palette
  • maybelline 2-1 studio eye pencil
  • mayeblline impact express felt pen liner
  • maybelline cats eye mascara
  • styli style glitter pencil in silver
  • styli style waterproof line and seal liner tanzanite
love that styli style glitter lid pencil!!..

winged out my liner,its small but thick hence it did not made my eyes look longer but gave it a lifting effect

that's it for me ladies,have a nice day and advance happy valentines day to all.XOXO

and To ACHI NEHSAI of Nehsai Loves N as well.XOXO
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Food:Tender Bob's Steak Ribs Burgers

Wednesday, January 27, 2010
okay I've been missing on my food post,but that's about to,i love food,well who doesn't?anyway we headed out at random places last week,and ended up at Greenhills,we waited for the boys to come since it was just me and my bilas pearl who actually went out together,and after that" we"..i mean they decided to eat at tender bob's restaurant..

the place was really not that big,as you can see in front of us was the kitchen already..

beside that kitchen is where they store the wines and condiments..

this little guy right here was at our table so i thought.."hey how generous of they to give us a complimentary drink"....well not really..pearl told me that they do leave wines on every table so....If you DRINK it..You'll have to PAY for smart..

a piece of their menu.

Bottomless iced tea
Cost:80php each.

fish and Chips~

i like their dip..tangy and sweet

their fish..well,doesn't taste that good,it wasn't juicy nor palatable,its squishy and oily.there's nothing much to say...

Meat Platter..
i think it has 4 kinds of meat(baby backribs,steak,chicken,pork)
cost:900-990php(i forgot the exact price)

their gravy was delicious~perfect for the steaks.

the table of the hungry packs..empty..

Mr.R and me
Pearl and Kuya rommel(looking hungry already)

wallet damage? 1800 php inclusive of service charge

this guys right here were fun to watch...boring they may look but its fun to watch..

and look at them donuts..all lined and smelling yummy..this batch were all cooked then they'll walk or slide or run..through that chocolate waterfalls over there at left side of the photo

yup its crispy creme..those delicious donuts needs some tender loving...imma go need one right now...xiao ladies XOXO
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hi ladies so last night my Bilas and her friend came to visit us with my cute little niece,we decided and by the word "we" i mean "i" to do a makeover..well to tell you the truth it was i who needed'll soon see why..

id like to introduce Joysa to you guys .We decided to do a party look...she told me that she'd like her lids or eyes to be defined,she has a typical Asian almond eyes,with a small lid space.its not an over the top party look,its simple and very wearable even during daytime less the liner..

Joysa's Before and after
the foundations that i used was my shade..but it kinda matched her skin tone...especially the Nyx Concealer which is in fair..would you look at looked light on me but on didn't

okay im no trusty sony w150 camera twilight mode...pfff.

products used:

kanebo media oil control base
meow cosmetics FF abyssinian
cargo topeka blush
TBS brush on Bronze
Etude highlighter
Nyx thalia(lips)
Ten Beauty gloss(lips)
Brown eyeshadow(to contour the nose)
Nyx concealer in a jar(fair)


Looking down~

closed eyes:

product used:
monistat primer
mac delft Paintpot
coastal scents 88 matte palette
coastal scents gel liner
maybelline studio eyeliner
maybelline cat eyes mascara
etude white eyeshadow

far glance of the eye makeup,i also contoured her nose,not much nose contouring though,i just did a soft one just to give her a defined and quite strong feature

i wasn't able to erase the smudges from the eyes mainly because joysa kept on talking and moving and moving and moving ehehe.but that's okay dear joysa =D

this is the only photo i edited..and it looked sexy~

now i looked hormones were twisted and it still is..get it ladies?those days when we feel bloated..haha.i didn't even brushed my hair or wiped my joysa looked pretty..i do hope she liked the look
okay I'm really not that good as of the moment,that is why i want to see/hear your thoughts on how i did..good or bad ill gladly appreciate the comment.=D xoxo thanks for visiting
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Minute Maid Freshest Face Entry

Saturday, January 23, 2010
Feeling fresh Speaks Looking Fresh for me,so in order to Look fresh you have to let off your grumpy self and feel good about yourself,smiling will definitely help too..for me there's no secret formula on looking fresh,but you can revamp the word "fresh" and boost it with..what *wink*

after all a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do right? for all you ladies out there,what speaks fresh?cool shades?light and sheer?sweet and cute?..hmm long as it doesn't look too harsh on you,you can use dark shades of bronzes and blues just know when to stop.

this is me wearing..nothing but a blush and it kinda look fresh already,but since i love Makeups..i put them into good use..


for me i used shimmery fun shades,i scream" i want color!!".Baby Blues and Pinks,with touches of golds on the eyes.

actually that wasn't really a solid shade of baby blue,its blue green,but it looked a lot like baby blue from afar isn't it?.

i used a shimmery gold e/s on the crease area,it washes the shimmer of the baby blue e/s making the shade less harsher.

on the outer lower part of my eyes i did have that same shimmery gold,it looks really pretty,lots of sheer shimmers,but noticed that its finish is somewhat metallic?

as for the lips just a nude "my lips but better kiss me now or never shade"..hehe its Nyx thalia =D

Cheeks..Mac Loverock mineralized blush to give me that youthful flush and glow.

i also have some bronzer and highlighter working up in there just to brighten up my face.

close up...bright and fresh.=D

again feel fresh to look fresh ladies,that's it for me,have a nice day! xoxo

Do visit Beautynomics site for tons of beauty tips.
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hi ladies,I've been meaning to visit suesh' showroom for the longest time,and now im happy to say that I've been there...finally!!

cute logo!!

individual brush shelf~the brushes that caught my eyes were their bullet brush,smudger brush,angled crease brush and stippling brush...they do carry a great line of brushes and i can tell that the quality's really great,their full and soft knowing the fact that these babies were mostly made out of animal hair..i so want to get their 10 pc and 16 pc set

they do sell cosmetics namely from the brand of Nyx,T'estimo,OCC,Benefit,Graftobian etc.

the place was really nice,classy touches of purples on every side.We so Love their Chandelier..most especially the lady im with.

And their train cases?well all that i can say is that..pearl cant keep her hands off of them..well i guess me too..caught red handed haha.

Ms.Sheryll,the lady who assisted us was very nice and charming,we stayed there for more than an hour and she did not mind it at all,she answered every questions that pops out of our mouth..we did met some makeup enthusiast there from CAS and boy they were nice as well,i was kinda eavesdropping on their conversation about makeups who's and whats..=D.

after that we went straight for a dessert...yummy haagen dazs ice cream...we cant decide which flavor to pick,the good thing was that they gave us some free taste...yey...

i ended up with this delicious scrumptious cappuccino truffle and pearl with macadamia

mine's half empty haha.

ooohh oily oily poofffy..

that's it ladies thanks for visiting and have a nice day godbless xoxo
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