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Thursday, December 24, 2009
hello again~its almost Christmas!!happy holidays to everyone! anyway yesterday we went to SM megamall to visit etude house~that place is really far! we went out at 6:30pm and arrived there at 8:00pm,i asked some of my forum friends about etude's location,sis Pammy told me that she was there searching for it too,hehe.The store was pretty cute,i mean you wont be able resist that interior,its captivating to the eyes haha,the moment i went in they greeted me "welcome princess" ~ woot..i should've talked back "oh well hello my subjects,your princess commands you to bring everything in this address(of course its mine) if not..off with your heads!!" =D anyway on with the hauls

see how cute the store is on the outside

it looks better on the inside...the SA's were definitely clueless..i cant blame them,majority of the labels are written in Korean...actually there's nothing too special about the products,when i was on the store i was like.."hmm..Okay"..the packaging was really nice by the way..and i will visit etude again to get some blush and skin cares but i have to dig some infos about them first..

here is what i got...eyelash volume#14/secret beam highlighter#02/styling eyeliner#02/petite darling eye shadows in WH701 and PP904 and a free curler.

a reminder;don't let the packaging fool you.....see how short the product is,its fully retracted.i was hoping it would be longer!!considering the liners actual size.

bare minerals love pearl eye shadows-antique pearl,rose pearl,black pearl/bare minerals city lights/the one on the bottom is called "smokin mocha" i just dont know if it is Val's Smokin mocha blush or not.

Mad Minerals Eyeshadow pigments~Blackberry,Sandstorm,Morganite

Mad Minerals eyeshadow Pigments-TopazSun,Chocolate Grapes,Trust

These were given to me by My Cousin~ Thanks Ate.

My purchase From sis Jap~ Nyx eyeshadow Base(Skintone) Lips stuffs were free yey!

random stuff~Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Liquid Foundation,Volume express Cat eye Mascara,vivid shadow liner,elf cream shadows,maybelline eyeshadow pencil,Pure Luxe Original Powder Eraser.

ill post the swatches on a seperate entry and ill add some extra new stuff,the camera's battery ran out of juice..

thats it for me guys thanks for visiting!XOXO

8 Beauty Bag Lovers:

donnarence said...

waaahh shobe inggit mode ako.. nakapunta ka na,, :C magkano yung white eyeliner?? maganda ba yung nyx base?? waaaaaahahhhhh bibili din sana ako niyan.. waaaaahh... magkano yung secret bem highlighter?? waahh... dami kong tanong super inggit me.. dami mo purchases and gifts!!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

went to Etude din..
i hate the fact that the SAs are so 'useless'. They keep on trying to read the back...eh korean nga e?!

it's better off shopping alone than ask for them..
hay naku!

but till, im happy because its cheap!
i'll be going back ulit.pero before i do, mgrresearch na ko in advance

GirL With GLasSes... said...

oo nga shobe... ang liit ng laman ng eyeliner... eto nga at kakapansin ko lang, kung di ko nabasa ito, diko mapapansin!

ganyan pala itchura ne eye curler nila! ang ganda ng eyeshadows mo!
at yung highlighter!

twinsouls888 said...

nice haul girl :) Sana di na syado busy at mabisita Etude house one of these days :)

Pammy said...

That's a nice haul, Shobe. :P

I love the Clinique stuff you got. :)

Askmewhats said...

Lucky you you've seen Etude House na! i'm sure I can't resist but purchase when I chanced up there :)

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Khymm said...

nice haul shobe! sorry for the late reply sa text mo.. how much the highlighter mosaic?


oooh..i gotta visit etude house na! next week! hahatakin ko si hubby hehehe. :)

merry xmas shobe. :)

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