Product Review:NYX Eyeshadow Base (Skintone)

Saturday, December 26, 2009
Belated Merry Christmas to everyone,my Christmas ended up with a tired body happy spirit and of course we thanked and greeted the Almighty after we snooze,anyway ill post pics of him soliciting his "aginaldo" ahaha.Anyway on to my review~

I've been using Nyx Eyeshadow Base for a week now.They have 3 kinds of Eyeshadow Base (White,Pearl,SKintone)..mine is in Skintone..the WHite base will simply make your eyeshadow shade pop,and vibrant,the Pearl Base will give your eyeshadow a shimmery finish,while the Skintone Base will make your eyeshadow last longer and intensify the eye shadow's pigment as well.

eyeshadow base skintone..same size as your concealer in a jar also in 7g.
-Also a lot of people who used this products complains on how it doesn't par up with ArtDeco,UDPP etc,Since this is an Eyeshadow Base and NOT an Eye Primer this will not assure a 100% creaseless lid,An Eyeshadow BASE will only give your eyeshadows a color boost and somewhat help on making them last longer,while an Eye PRIMER will definitely give you a greater effect in terms of priming and preventing your eye shadows from creasing..

I've seen a lot of forums saying that this might only be a concealer in a jar or a Jumbo eye pencil in a different packaging...but i beg to differ;the formulation/ingredients were different so i guess its completely different with JEP or CIJ.The shade kinda reminds me of a salmon concealer i once used,texture is thick,i cant compare it to NYX concealer in a jar cause i havent used mine yet.

a swatch on my can barely see the swatch haha.

on my eye(left) with base (right)bare eye

Note:in some days that i used the Base,i wasn't always in a humid hot place,being in an air conditioned place is a big factor to consider,since cool environment prevents my lids bunker up its oils.

i did tried several ways on how i will apply it properly~the photos below will show you different results on different application~(CLICK PHOTOS to ENLARGE)

this is my eyes 7 hours after~..minimal creases,the left eye is almost as good as I've first put it on,the color did fade
Application:thinly applied with patting motion,after all parts were covered i blend it with my finger.waited for 3-4 mins before i put my eyeshadows..(place:ordinary not so hot kind of day)

This was a fresh shot of my eyes~

Application:applied thick,i thought it will work better that way,then i blended it,waited for the base to sink in before i applied my eyeshadow.

after 7 hours:(Place: Humid but i was just sitting, tiring acts)

it did fade,looks worst than the first ..

Fresh shot of my eyes

Application:Applied thinly,with dabbing motion,blended evenly,i waited for the base to sink in,then i applied a creame base e/s (elf duo)..

after 8 and a half hours:(Place:VERY HUMID ENVIRONMENT,Crowded)

Let the picture do the talking....yeah horrible.

application: applied a powder primer on my eyes,then Nyx base applied thinly,dabbing motion,blended evenly.I used sheer eyeshadows.
After 7 and a half hours~(Place: Mall,Streets,Not so humid,but i did got so worked up cause while walking i was carrying Lil r,and if not im running trying to catch him.)

This eyeshot was me wearing a different kind of's my fresh eye shot at 9am

and here's my eyes at 1am~ how many hours was that?it was when we watched the movie "AVATAR" but before that i went to my cousins house to do her makeup,waited for Mr.R for 4 hours,yes it was hot and humid,even the wind wasn't refreshing..

great right???and i know by now you know how oily my lid primer???well....First i used my PureLuxe original powder eraser,then my monistat gel,that i use as an eye primer. =D

random photo of us before Christmas~

Thats is ladies,thanks for visiting,happy holidays again,godbless XOXO.

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twinsouls888 said...

You and your baby look soooo cute together Shobe :)

Ida said...

nice review sis! it's quite thorough and i like how the pics show the effects after using it in a humid place. i'm curious about this eh :)

Tanveer Parmar said...

Gr8 review, so elaborate, yet to the point. I loved the before & after images. I have this in Skin tone and totally agree with your review :)

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