Product Review:Etude Secret Beam Highlighter

Thursday, December 31, 2009
good day to all,im here for a product review,remember my etude house visit post,well i purchased one of their highlighter,its the secret beam Highlighter in #2 orange mix

etude house description:

Colorful mosaic pearl compact:

a mosaic of colors to beautifully coordinate makeup finish.

Pearl highlighter brightens and shades facial tone & adds

they have another shade in pink,i really dont know whats the difference of the pink and this one other than the shade or the difference of their finish.If you'll look closely you can definitely spot the shimmers on it,look at the first photo and youll notice some dust on the side of the packaging,some of them were glitters from the powder,texture is not that velvety and not chalky either..its a mixture of those two...but you have to use a decent stiff brush to get a better amount of this,its kinda hard to explain but i hope you ll catch my point..

faint swatch...i know im bad at swatches.

here are some photos of me sporting the secret beam and a photo of me without a highlighter for comparison

i have it just above of my cheek extending outwards,on the bridge of my nose,middle of my upper lip(noticed that i never wax my upper lip?,well its not a hinder so,never occurred in my mind of waxing it), chin,middle forehead,and brow bones.

you can definitely tell how it brightens up my complexion~you can even tell the areas that ive highlighted if you compare it to the photo without me wearing it.

(with etude secret beam(left) / without etude(right))
i was never a user of this kind of make up,not until i found out how great this thing is on brightening my dull complexion,most of the time my skin looks pale.

im not saying that this is a Great product,but its a good product to have for those with pale dull skin,its cheap so why not get it..right?frankly i chose the shade 2 because i thought it might give me those warm highlighted finish that is not too obvious,and it did.Now im thinking how good will the "etude face brightener" be...i swatched that one on the store and it has this luminescent effect without the glitters.

me wearing only the etude house and a recent purchased cargo blush,this picture of me was taken 4 hours after my application,love the dewyness it gives me,..dont mind lil r's face =D
so thats it for me and the secret beam highlighter,till next review~..have a nice day everyone XOXO.

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teeyah. said...

So pretty! :) Happy New Year, sweetie :) And thanks for joining my contest. *hugs*

Pammy said...

I saw this too and I thought this looked cuter than the pink one. I thought it can be used as a blush. :P


Ive been planning to get this because this is at 298php lang diba (?). But i think i don't need this since i don't like glittery finishes. besides, i'm dark so shimmer blushes work perfectly fine naman. but i'll check this once again when I go back. :) i'm gunning for the pink one but I think this'll suit me better. thanks for the post!

happy new year! :)

Khymm said...

so pretty! it reminds me of Guerlain's terracotta bronzer.. but this one is a highlighter! =)

Khymm said...

so pretty! it reminds me of Guerlain's terracotta bronzer.. but this one is a highlighter! =)

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

sorry for the late reply sissies-

martha-i think the price is somewhat close to that..i forgot na din hehe

Anonymous said...


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Lipstickaddict said...

Hi sis I recently purchased one I am loving it :)

Camille(SHOBE) said...

glad your liking it sis,very affordble but it works

Anonymous said...

J'ai appris des choses interessantes grace a vous, et vous m'avez aide a resoudre un probleme, merci.

- Daniel

★Rose★ said...

i think the face design brightener is better, ^__^ but this is a very informative posts :) cool blog! for that i'll follow you ^__^

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