hi there!before i start i just wanna ask something..especially to those ladies and gents in my country.."can you feel that Christmas is nearly approaching?how about the sweet scent of Christmas spirit?"..i know that most of you have heard about the gruesome killing spree in Maguindanao...i cant find any words to explain or brand those killers..whats happening!!it saddens me that this awful thing happened when people are all looking forward on something that will lift their spirit/faith and let go all of their problems even for a while the victim's family; spending their Christmas will no longer be the same...uuuugggghhhh....i hate POLITICS!!!!!!well..im not speaking in general...ill just have to zip it..anyway!!! here is a look i made for you..a sweet thing with a kick look hehe.

face:Joppa FC light(01)/lelf lilac petal/maybelline perfect concealer/ellana finishing powder/cargo blush(topeka)

see how my cheeks glow~sweet right?the blush i used gave me a luscent peach look that is not too over the top.

eyes:coastal scents matte palette(88)/coastal scents gel liner/elf lilac petal/estee lauder mascara brown black/loreal kohl grand in olive/home made eye primer.

i love how simple this look turned out,and i only used 2 or 3 shades from the palette.

pretty right?i called it duo chrome well im not sure what duo chrome means or if the duo chrome definition i know is the right one

down gaze..the shadows from the cs palette is really chalky(shades i used) so be sure to have a good primer.

okay vain moments.....

Lips:NYX Chloe(love it)...do i look harmless?come on i wont bite...

i promise ill behave look ahaha.

fierce look....loooll.noticed my bangs?i trimmed them myself.haha.

i love how my hair shines....thanks to proclaim.and i am starting to learn how to fill my brows..the only problem was that i dont know how to shape them,if you'll look closely my right brows shape is seamlessly arched while my right has this tip apex..hehe.

okay that's all ladies thanks for visiting and pls don't forget to visit my blog sale just click the gloss picture on the upper right sidebar.THANKS and have a nice day god bless XOXO

PS:i need some advice...our anniversary is on the 16th...i need some mind blowing ideas on what to give or do on my husband...PLS PLS...his favorite perfume was already phased out,and i dont want to get disappointed on planning surprise "kilig moments" for him pa(during his birthday well...i did..).TY

2 Beauty Bag Lovers:

GirL With GLasSes... said...

yeah! your cheeks glowed and it caught the light beautifully...
thats a nice blush!

fierce look!

twinsouls888 said...

ang cute ng hair mo Shobe, the blush is really pretty ^_^

Baka next week pa me order Shobe, inform kita pag on stock na yung bibilhin ko naubusan lang daw sabi Strawberry.net pero nirereplenish naman daw nila agad yun :)

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