hello ladies this is a look i made that i would love to wear when i just want to take a walk on the mall,or a day out with my friends..oh and a friend told me that this may pass as a bridal eye make up since the colors are very soft..


eyes:estee lauder shimmery apricot(base)/coastal scents 88 matte palette/elf all over cove stick(highlight)/estee lauder black eyeshadow(liner)

careline cream eyeshadow in platinum applied on the waterline...it was kinda messy..
i love how the shades managed to fit in with each other.

the whole look~

glad that it came out nice...i was just mix and matching shades..ill wear this look again,since its a good neutral look for me.

playing with my hair haha.i cant braid them anymore...bah!=D

thanks ladies for visiting~and i am planning to have a blog sale again mostly brushes,bags,and random make ups.

PS: i saw a stall on trinoma where they sell BENEFIT COSMETICS...some kinda gorgeous and benefit posietint...some kinda gorgeous costs 550 php only!! i did not bother asking the posietint's price anymore,i asked the SA and she said its authentic...of course its still indecisive..they also have those mini Anna Sui brushes(travel set) for 500php, some cute synthetic powder bristles were dyed with different colors..and so on.haha.its just beside or near flojos the place where they hold the SHOEBOX boutique.

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kikayfetz said...

wow that's really nice! and yep it could pass for wedding make up! how do you know which colors to mix and match? i love your other eye make up looks btw :D

Fifi said...

lovely!! i love how warm it looks..
you did a good job. :)

Askmewhats said...

ang cute mo naman sis! love your hair, love your makeup :)

Marce said...

I love the eye makeup! It's so pretty and soft! It could definitely pass as bridal makeup =)

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

kikayfetz~thank you,i really dont know..hmm,but when im mix and matching i often pick colors with the same undertones...or colors that inspires me..i think blending is really important,even if the colors do not compliment each other as long as you blend it well,it wont look that bad,or not as bad as you thought it would be. =D.hehe

FIFI~oh thats the word warm..i was trying to explain it to a friend so i just used the word sunset.hehe

Ms Nikki~thank you MAam!it means a lot coming from you..my hair kinda looks nice,ill iron it more often now.hehe.Pacute na mommy.hehe

Marce~thank you marce,i wish i have a bigger area in my lids,my eyes are hooded thats why when i look straight my lids disappear.haha

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