hello ladies its been a while since my last post....i did mentioned that lil r got sick,and he needed my comfort 24/7,the good news is that he is getting better..the first day that he felt sick was the most stressful part...cause honestly speaking..i was clueless of what i should do...i called his pedia and she told me to observe him..but i cant bare the sight of him throwing up..not only that its a projectile kind of vomit..then he will come forth to my arms and say "mommy matigas tyan" (mommy hard stomach) ever since he got sick its always been one of those sleepless nights..he was twisting and turning on the bed,so i have to look after him even when sleeping,because i was too afraid that he might puke..anyway!!all is well now...oohh and we spent our anniversary(me and Mr R's) taking care of lil r..haha...but mr r gave me a bunch of flowers while i was sleeping...ZzzZZ.

(FOTD??nope!haha dont mind the old snag look...i just woke up!)

okay now here is some random photos of my relatives...=D

sweet barely there look~ she's the kind who doesn't look that good on heavy make up so instead of putting black shadows and stuff on her i just gave her some satin light shades just to brighten up her face..

i love her eyes!deep set eyes,almond shape.

see the cat eyed effect..that's normal i guess with the contour of her eyes.

pretty isn't she..

the second was kinda messy cause my son and his cousin was playing by our side so while i was doing her make up i was like shouting back at the kids not to play with my stash ahah.

but still its not that obvious,she's used to having makeup (foundation) that is darker than her skin tone,she love getting those bronzed out effect on her,so to change that,i did a very light makeup on her with shiny pinks.

luscious two toned lips

the next one is a look i made for my cousin for a wedding she attended..insert* partnered with a party look.

we all know that its not that easy working those creases with Asian eyes,you have to use the right shade to contour or create a crease that doesn't look too harsh or fake.

she told me "any look for a wedding"...so i thought neutrals earth shade bronze browns...i smudge out her liner on the outer part and lower lash line to soften the look...i should've applied a darker shade of an eyeshadow on her tear ducts to make her eyes appear closer.

but over all i think....i just think okay!! that i did well?? she does look stunning!!and sexy!

did put a little bronzer on her just to contour the cheeks,swept a satin matte blush and a light berry lipstick..

this is the first time i did a look on her..actually its the day before the wedding ahaha..this one was a barely there makeup though..

and my mom!ahahah.she's not a makeup wearer i have to annoy her so bad she said yes...i was laughing really hard cause when its time to take her shot...she posed...bigtime..



my Lil r posing with santa..awww..

santa gave him some candies cause he was like "hello santa" saying "hi" to santa..hehe,but when its time for a kiss...lil r backed away ahaha.

so...thats it again thanks for visiting and im back now...sorry if i was not able to post comments to your blogs but i did visited them while i was MIA..godbless everyone and have a nice holidays.

5 Beauty Bag Lovers:

Ida said...

good think he's getting better na! mahirap talaga makitang nahihirapan ang anak :( belated happy anniversary! very nice makeovers, fave ko yung first!

GirL With GLasSes... said...

happy anniversary shobeeeee!!!!
wow! the flowers are so pretty =)
sweet ni hubby...
it is really a heart breaking scene to see a small child na may sakit =(
im glad that lil r is ok now.

Pammy said...

Lil R is so cute. It's good he's getting better and better each day. :P

Great makeovers. :)

twinsouls888 said...

It's so hard when you're son is sick, ang hirap. Happy anniversary girl, the flowers are sooo cute.

And about the relatives and their FOTD, really pretty. You're very good na girl especially on the eye makeups galing mo na magcombine ng colors.

Have I told you before? You son is really really cute as in ^_^ I'm so happy OK na sya :)

RHiiAN said...

awesome makeovers :)

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