update:random last week's pictures plus another MAC Mishap

Friday, November 27, 2009

hello ladies this is just an update post..ive been very busy lately so i dont have enough time to blog,that is why im going to make this post quick =D

me and LIL r on joeys pepperonis,he looks full,

a no make up look i made =D ..i adore the peach skin pact from etude

my son doodling his way out of boredom hehe.

a very nice sister gave me some sweets!thanks zai!!!mwuah

and my nail art last week!.hehe funky color right!

shiny...dewy.....no....its both eheh.

and just when i thought my skin was clearing up from macs previous outburst...my cousins powder kinda broke me out again...it was loose so i thought it was mineral makeup then when i asked her what it was cause im itching...she said.."oh thats one of my broken mac foundation...."....HUWATTTTTT!?????(same day before i used her powder)

and some nail polish from mama lorie.THANKS MAMA!!

so thats it!for now...i have to run now...still need to find some of my instructors..Ta ta ladies.have a nice weekends.Stay sweet XOXO.

7 Beauty Bag Lovers:

*Nehs* said...

so pretty and fresh on the 2nd photo, i love it!! i also love the funky colored nails.

oOchaOo said...

i love ur skin shobe and the nail art too! :)
aww too bad the mac powder broke you out :(

Askmewhats said...

oh no, you are super allergic to MAC talaga!!!!

Marce said...

Your skin looks so pretty with that base! So MAC broke you out? I tend to avoid their foundations, they look very aggresive to me.

Elsa said...

yay! no labels made us go gaga lol! hope your skin will clear out.

sis love the nail art i think you should give tutorial on that!

cute ni lil R....

Pammy said...

Oh no! MAC really breaks you out. I hope your skin clears up soon. :)

dhurianne said...

You look so fresh in the 2nd photo.And in fairness I love that nail art of yours, so cute!

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