hallooo ladies!so in my previous post i said that i am converting back to Mineral makeups...its weird though its as if its my first time again...=p anyway i got me some Meow Cosmetics and Joppa minerals..and i got it at such a LOW price and when i say LOW i mean it!

Meow's sizes-munchkins

swatches no flash(3 Naughty Manx/3 Frisky Chartreux/Naughty Abyssinian)

with flash..flawless feline formulation will give you the heaviest/greatest coverage.(forgot to swatch the joppa sorry)

Flawless feline 3 Frisky Chartreux-i find it a little bit yellow on my skin,well at least thats how i see it.its really not that obvious so i can still wear it.(i used a sponge to apply the foundation)

flawless feline 3 naughty Abyssinian-this matched my shade.it looks dark when i saw it on their site though.(did not open joppa and ff naughty manx yet..ill post face pic of me wearing it on my next post..)

i love how light it felt,the coverage is heavy so i have to apply it with a light hand,since i am aiming for a medium coverage..i reached for my kabuki brush this time cause flat top brushes will give me a heavier coverage compared to kabukis.

went to mcdo for breakfast and saw this cute mirror...i wish i can take it home...hehe.look at my comfy outfit...and have i told you how i love big bags?i am not the kind of gal who like those little cute and petite bags...my makeup bag itself will not fit inside those bags..i tend to carry a lot of stuffs..like book..rolled tissues,camera,etc etc..so i like enormous bags,like this one..its Tumi,given to me by Mama Lorie a few years back..since i carry a lot of stuff its always a mess inside my bag...i have to bring almost everything out before ill be able to find what im looking..when my friends asked my permission to get something inside my bag this is their term "halungkay"..."camille pahalungkay sa bag ha"---("camille ill dig inside your bag ha")..

me and my youngest brother...we just got home from my school..he came with me.

horsie yah!!!poor horse...ahaha.this was 5 hours after i applied the meow in abyssinian..good thing was that even though it was scorching hot that time,my skin felt as if i was not wearing any foundation,did not cake considering the fact that i sweat a lot,and there is nothing i can do to keep it at bay unlike my oilies..sad..

so that's everything ladies.thanks for visiting!and have a nice day.

ps:thanks for those ladies who gave me some tips regarding my Mommy Dilemma...he still doesnt like rice...but he likes to eat "bigas" (rice grains)..such a weird kid,hehe.Our kasambahay(house nanny) told us that its much better that way...atleast we dont have to cook it anymore we'll save more...LOL

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GirL With GLasSes... said...


shobe ganda! this is such a funny post! kawawa naman yung kabayo!

anyway, regarding mineral makeup, yeah... i only tried one brand of mineral foundation (ellana), so far i am loving it. sometimes, i get the impression that they are better than the high-ends.

awww.... may christmas tree na kayo ha =)

merry christmassss!!!!

Askmewhats said...

aww I feel jealous you have your xmas tree up na!!! :) I haven't been touching my other mineral makeup lately!!! remind myself!!!

Ida said...

sis ikaw pala yung nakabili nung mga meow foundies hehe! nung nakita ko may nakabili na, sabi ko sayang! :D

meow's flawless feline and pampered puss foundies are my fave. i like the feel and maganda yung coverage ng FF. mas maputi ka sa'kin but my shade in pampered puss is naughty abyssinian.

meron din kami nung horsie/reindeer pero in green! intay ko yung next preorder ni kkochipida :)

Anonymous said...

It is extremely interesting for me to read the post. Thanx for it. I like such topics and everything that is connected to them. I would like to read a bit more soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey there. I'm having a hard time finding Meow Cosmetics here in Manila, or at least local online sellers. (Shipping is really expensive if i were to buy straight from the website.) I came across your blog while doing a google search, and i just wanted to ask where you were able to buy your meow cosmetics?

Thanks, and more power to your blog. :)

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

hi anonymous you can join pre orders,or pool orders to save o shipping fee i bought mine on someone else's sale kasi...

Anonymous said...

How/where can I join in pooling orders?

Love your Meow Cosmetics Flawless Feline foundie. Thank goodness you mentioned that you also use Revlon Sand Beige. Now I know which Meow foundie that would work on me. :)

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