hi again dearies,today i went to my cousins house,but before that i just passed my polished cases to be signed by our dean...yey!anyway i went there to gave her a little something....her very first Mineral Makeup~ wink*,and then i thought lets try putting some eye shadows on your eyes...then lips..cheeks..okay you know where I'm heading..haha. i spent most of my childhood days playing with her and her sisters,i love their home..aside from them,it houses a lot of books,since back then i was into mickey mouse,minne mouse,fictional,cartoon characters,that was the kind of book i reached out the most when i wanted to read...we like to call them "tres marias" but that was 7...8....9....years ago...or more,now they have a lil brother..and now look at her..all grown up,and very pretty too!.

nice smile~smoked out sultry eyes,with soft face makeup,it still brings out the youthfulness in her.I love her lips,well defined and thin.(NYX NARCISSUS)

eyes:coastal scents matte palette~mostly purples and pinks,with some orange haha
coastal scents gel liner
estee lauder brown black mascara

looking down~(it kinda looks like my eyes?dont you think?)

i winged the liner out but i think it'll look better if i just made a simple line and smudged it out

since i dont have most of my necessary tools in my bag i just used some of my makeup in my kit..though i wished i had my highlighter with me hehe.

face: Alima mineral makeup/maybelline long wear blush/maybelline perfect concealer

ayie looking pretty..(im lifting my own chair here ladies).

oh and Lil R and me after i went home...

and i found my invisible inked pen...harhar..the one where you can only read the note if you lit it up with the flash from the pen.cool...i wrote a message to Mr. R..where you ask?..his thigh...ahaha

and mr R's arm looking all...well..hmm..messy...

can you tell how bored i must be...?

Mr R has this habit in where when he's itching (mosquito bite or something) someone must scratch it..instead of scratching it himself...so i told him "if you keep doing that i might scratch you so hard you'll end up having this kind of wound,and you prolly wont call me again for a scratch" =D..Now that's what you called "threatening" haha.

anyway ladies hope you guys love the look i made.and have you heard about a brush set called the kirkland borghese from costco?i ordered one and i cant wait to get my hands on them.=D..i was debating on whether to have the costco the suesh or the charm pro travel set...i ended up with the costco,cause the remaining two is locally available,i can buy them anytime as soon as...well i can afford them.

thanks for visiting XOXO

5 Beauty Bag Lovers:

GirL With GLasSes... said...

RE: Mr. R's Arm
Oh my Gas!!! WHat was that???!!!

it looks so real! natakot ako ha!!!
Shobe ganda you are getting too good with your makeup skills. Baket di ka mag makeup class?

Golden said...

You're so galing! Pwede mo na pagkakitaan sis. You never had formal training, hadn't you? Gusto ko rin i-makeup mo ko. Hehe. Sayang ang layo ng Manila dito.

Becky (everyday makeup) said...

wow, i love what you did. I love the blending of the eyeshadows. Its freakin' awesome. You should practice more and hone your skills :)

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

ladies thank you!!touched naman ako.as much as iwant to go and enroll for a class..thats not possible pa ngayon...i still need to finish my local boards review and pass it..saka expensive mag makeup class diba.hehe

Marce said...

Your cousin looks so pretty! You did a fantastic job on her =)
What in the world happened to your hubbies' arm? That's makeup, isn't it? Please say yes!

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