good day guys!I'm back with another look using the la colors metallic eyeshadow in mesmerize..i love how it gives me a wet/foiled effect,its very easy to blend as well..oh and we went to Quiapo,because i was supposed to buy cyleina soaps from hortaleza,someone told me that it can be bought there but unfortunately they were out of stock...on the way there we saw some artworks on display it looked like they were all inspired by how Mr.ninoy and Mrs. cory aquino stood up and fought for our country,during Martial Law...okay so on to my look..i also did a small tutorial on this one. =D

purple,green,and gray shimmers~the shades appears muted,can pass as a day wear.

if you want to intensify the look you can foil the e/s to make it more vibrant.

the tutorial~(dont forget to apply primer) shade
2.apply it on the entire lid blending a little bit above the creaseline.
3.purple shade
4.apply it on the outer part of the lid blending outwards forming your outer V and inwards overlapping the green e/s,blend it on top of the natural crease line with the green e/s.

5.dark gray shade
6.apply it on the outer part of the eye,on top of the purple e/s blending inwards,outer half above the natural crease line and downwards towards the upper lashline.

7.apply your liner(lower and upper)/apply a white e/l on the waterline.
8.elf all over coverstick
9.apply it on the inner corner of the eyes,as a highlight.
10.curl lashes and apply mascara.

finished look~

down gaze

looking straight

and here is the art works that we saw~..this is the one that caught my attention~..i like the art's message..well i mean i like how it speaked to me in random ways.The match stick,its plain simple and small,but it provides us light,used by most Filipinos especially those who are less fortunate,the yellow ribbon with the Philippine Flag on the bottom end,the yellow ribbon who cuddles the matchstick to keep the flare and light on,(we all know what this yellow ribbon stands for)much like them they cuddled the Filipinos to keep our hopes and faiths aflame,the Philippine flag on the bottom..well that's our me it was placed there because the People Living inside that certain Land is what makes a country.

other arts..

so that's it!!thank you for visiting people!!!..I'm still not finished with my cases...i might go AWOL cause it'll take a lot of time and money before i can pass it..=D..have a nice day and god bless.

9 Beauty Bag Lovers:

Golden said...

You have beautiful eyes. So pretty! I really don't know how to apply eyeshadows so I'm always in awe whenever someone posts pretty EOTDs. :)

Askmewhats said...

thanks for the eye tut...very pretty :)

Eternally Fixated said...

You have beautiful eyes!

Love your blog!!!!

Pls check out our Fashion Style & Celebrity Gossip blog!

Khymm said...

ang ganda! will try to re-create this look! ang ganda ng LA colors metallic palette noh?

donnarence said...

love the colors shobe.. veryy pretty indeed!

twinsouls888 said...

Wow Shobe ang ganda ng color combination as in. I honestly like it. Kakainggit ang galing galing mo na ahaha. At nagmatch pa sa contacts mo, ang cute. ^_^

For the nth time, i like your new layout hehe. Nakaka- engganyong magpalit ng layout tsk tsk ^_^

Marce said...

This is gorgeous, I love the combination of colours and their frosty finish. =)

Golden said...

Aww, bakit ayaw kumain ni bebe mo? Does he tell you why? He needs to eat rice asap para di na sya mag-Pediasure. Sobrang mahal pa naman ng gatas na yun. Did you already raise this to his pedia? Vitamins kaya na pampagana? Uhmm, how about other solid foods like bread, veggies and fruits? Ayaw rin nya?

Becky (everyday makeup) said...

awww...i like your inspiration. also, the look came out soo pretty. I love the color combos. I might do something similar to this :)

to answer your question, madali lang sya, just apply black eye liner sa inner corners ng eyes mo. as in sa loob and just follow the natural line ng inner eyes mo. konting ingat lang para di mo ma poke mata mo lol.

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