hi ladies..good weekends to you guys,i wasn't able to post my skin update because when i was typing and uploading photos my google crashed.ahaha,so instead of nothing ill just have to post some of my beauty hauls for the past few days..

cyleina black pearl soaps,etude peach skin pact,giggles wet wipes,joppa minerals,nail polishes,emu oil.

nail polishes from wet and wild and BnC(yellow shade),the wet and wild ones were given to me by Mama Lorie ^_^ thanks. 

oh and the joppa minerals swatches i bought from sis Em-Em of letsfaceminerals,Lip pot(freebie!),MD citrine,and FC light 1. in refills.the Citrine was supposed to be an order from my cousin but she left earlier than i expected so its mine to claim.!ahaha.

i just guesstimate my shade..thats me wearing no makeup.

with jopp MD citrine..sis Em helped me picked my shade.Very nice seller,she answered my queries even though i myself think that the persistent questioning i did,may tick me off...haha.well on my side i want to know what im really purchasing right?...and im glad that sis em pulled through.hehe.thanks thanks!!!..is it too light??see im asking for your opinions again... couldn't i just tell it myself.

and i so love the shade of the free LIP POT!!Thanks sis!!..im making my way back on using mineral makeups..since i noticed that my skin is experiencing its annual skin dysfunction...and i think the reactions that i got from Mac stimulates or awaken its long time sleep...its like im battling an enormous mythical creature here..LOL.

thank you guys for visiting.and have a nice weekends..BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DONNARENCE!!!!xoxo

help:what should i do..my son doesn't like to eat rice..i mean for the past years of his life he seldom eats rice...he get his nutrition by drinking his Milk which is eating away the family's budget...its Pediasure and mostly every week he consumes it all up...when i always try to feed him he pushes me away and keeps on avoiding the spoon,and if i ever get the chance to put the food in his mouth he will force the food out or spit it out of his mouth...im scared cause he's turning 3 by February,and his eating habits are not of a 3 years old child..my niece eats way better than him and she's only 2 y/o..i tried doing the Choo CHoo charades,tried everything but still i failed to make him eat rice everyday..The only time he will eat rice is when we dine at tokyo tokyo or kenny rogers etc where his favorite potato balls and corn and carrots are..i made a cream cheese corn and carrots 3 days ago and he ate it with rice,but i don't think its right to serve him same food everyday.sigh....i already told his pedia about this that is why she gave us Pediasure....can someone give me something...advice...mommy's??SOS!!.

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teeyah. said...

Ack! I've no idea how to make kids eat rice :( As a kid, I didn't like eating rice, too, heehee. :D Good luck, though, I'm sure he will get over that phase, soon :)

You look lovely without makeup [and with]. Lucky you!

miemiemie said...

sis! thank you so much!:) hehe hmmm about your prob with the kiddo..nung nahihirapan kasi kami pakainin yung toddler cousin ko dati.ginawa namin is nagbigay kami ng madaming options ng food. like kung may soup, chicken, gulay, etc..then cia pipili ng type niya..kung feel niya magsoup hahaluin namin ng konting rice. kasi most of the time yung ulam lang gusto niya and ayaw din sa rice. sa US siya sis so hindi masyado nag rrice so ganun. medyo nagwork naman. kasi nung time na yun mga 2yrs old and ilang months yung cousin ko and ayaw niya ng pinipilit yung food sakanya..or natry mo na lagyan nga ng sabaw yung rice? haluan mo ng gulay or something? hehe..

Askmewhats said...

I am not a mommy but I can give a little bit of advise siguro? Maybe, try to talk to your son about "rice" making him strong..like "transformer" strong lol and then let him start to eat 1 spoonful at each meal then you can add up depending on this pace. I do give this advise because I wasn't a rice eater for the longest time! Ever since I was a kid, I only eat food lang or bread (feeling taga Europe no?) so for me to prepare to be able to bear healthy kids in the future, I start to eat rice but I started out slowly, ngayon! I eat like a pig! :) Goodluck sis

Golden said...

I haven't experienced this with Jamjam so I don't think my advise will be much of help. How about not giving him his milk? Gosh, I sound so abusive here but just try it sis. Don't give him his milk for a day and check if he will eat solid food.

By the way, I like your purchase. I'm just starting on mineral makeup. :)

Mrs. Kolca said...

hi sis! have you tried decorative preparation of food.. i mean like bento.. hard boiled egg, rice, some veggies, slices of ham or hotdog.. try some design cguro naman magustuhan nya.. try lang..^^

my baby is 1 year old, but she eats rice, plain yogurt, fish & meat, veggies, fruits, biscuits & bread aside from feeding on milk.. good luck sayo sis..

GirL With GLasSes... said...

oh no!

mahirap yan hindi sanay kumain ng kanin.

we have an adopted baby brother (he's now grade school by the way), nung maliit pa yun, maaga pinahinto mag dede ng mama ko.

huminto na lang yun nung tinakot ng mama ko na nilapitan kunwari ng ipis yung dede niya. at wag na daw mag dede forever kasi magkakaron bulate tiyan niya.
tapos di na pinapakitaan ng bote ng dede sa bahay. kahit umiyak pa.


Ida said...

how are you liking joppa's mineral foundie so far sis? it matches your skin color well. tanong, do you think ok yung etude house peach skin pact for medyo dry skin and where did you buy yours? gusto ko din :)

my daughter is 1 yr old pa lang pero gusto niya ng rice. pero pansin ko mas gusto niya kumain pag yung kahalong ulam na may sabaw or sauce. maybe your baby finds rice dry? or try brown rice, mejo malagkit siya, mas matagal nga lang lutuin.

i kinda agree with golden's comment. it sounds bad pero if nothing else works maybe you could try doing that. it could work :)

also, di ko sure how much ang pediasure pero baka mas mura ng cow's milk or goat's milk. ako breastfeeding pa pero sabi ng pedia pede ko din daw painumin nun si baby. sana maging ok na sis :)

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