hi again dearies,today i went to my cousins house,but before that i just passed my polished cases to be signed by our dean...yey!anyway i went there to gave her a little something....her very first Mineral Makeup~ wink*,and then i thought lets try putting some eye shadows on your eyes...then lips..cheeks..okay you know where I'm heading..haha. i spent most of my childhood days playing with her and her sisters,i love their home..aside from them,it houses a lot of books,since back then i was into mickey mouse,minne mouse,fictional,cartoon characters,that was the kind of book i reached out the most when i wanted to read...we like to call them "tres marias" but that was 7...8....9....years ago...or more,now they have a lil brother..and now look at her..all grown up,and very pretty too!.

nice smile~smoked out sultry eyes,with soft face makeup,it still brings out the youthfulness in her.I love her lips,well defined and thin.(NYX NARCISSUS)

eyes:coastal scents matte palette~mostly purples and pinks,with some orange haha
coastal scents gel liner
estee lauder brown black mascara

looking down~(it kinda looks like my eyes?dont you think?)

i winged the liner out but i think it'll look better if i just made a simple line and smudged it out

since i dont have most of my necessary tools in my bag i just used some of my makeup in my kit..though i wished i had my highlighter with me hehe.

face: Alima mineral makeup/maybelline long wear blush/maybelline perfect concealer

ayie looking pretty..(im lifting my own chair here ladies).

oh and Lil R and me after i went home...

and i found my invisible inked pen...harhar..the one where you can only read the note if you lit it up with the flash from the pen.cool...i wrote a message to Mr. R..where you ask?..his thigh...ahaha

and mr R's arm looking all...well..hmm..messy...

can you tell how bored i must be...?

Mr R has this habit in where when he's itching (mosquito bite or something) someone must scratch it..instead of scratching it himself...so i told him "if you keep doing that i might scratch you so hard you'll end up having this kind of wound,and you prolly wont call me again for a scratch" =D..Now that's what you called "threatening" haha.

anyway ladies hope you guys love the look i made.and have you heard about a brush set called the kirkland borghese from costco?i ordered one and i cant wait to get my hands on them.=D..i was debating on whether to have the costco the suesh or the charm pro travel set...i ended up with the costco,cause the remaining two is locally available,i can buy them anytime as soon as...well i can afford them.

thanks for visiting XOXO
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update:random last week's pictures plus another MAC Mishap

Friday, November 27, 2009

hello ladies this is just an update post..ive been very busy lately so i dont have enough time to blog,that is why im going to make this post quick =D

me and LIL r on joeys pepperonis,he looks full,

a no make up look i made =D ..i adore the peach skin pact from etude

my son doodling his way out of boredom hehe.

a very nice sister gave me some sweets!thanks zai!!!mwuah

and my nail art last week!.hehe funky color right!

shiny...dewy.....no....its both eheh.

and just when i thought my skin was clearing up from macs previous outburst...my cousins powder kinda broke me out again...it was loose so i thought it was mineral makeup then when i asked her what it was cause im itching...she said.."oh thats one of my broken mac foundation...."....HUWATTTTTT!?????(same day before i used her powder)

and some nail polish from mama lorie.THANKS MAMA!!

so thats it!for now...i have to run now...still need to find some of my instructors..Ta ta ladies.have a nice weekends.Stay sweet XOXO.
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hello again!i forgot to upload some looks that i made last week and this was one of them..its a smoked out silver black..this is a classic look semi bold eyes and lips with natural face makeup.

products used:
face: neutrogena moisturizer/joppa citrine MD/maybelline long wear blush rose/body shop brush on bronze/maybelline perfect concealer/etude peach pact.

Lips:estee lauder vintage rubies..woot bite me.haha.

i love how the maybelline's blush and the body shop's bronzer gave me those sweet rosy summer glow..i stippled the body shop's brush on bronze on top of the blush.

eyes: coastal scents true black gel liner
loreal liner in olive
cs 88 matte palette(black and silver,taupe)
estee lauder more than mascara

dolly pose

black doesn't have to look harsh or too dramatic right.

last photo =D...noticed that i never groom my brows.?well if you did,its because i don't know how...hehe.should i pluck them thin or just clean those stray hairs?what eyebrow kit shade should i buy?hehe,

anyway thank you guys for visiting have a nice weekdays!!and oh...i am expecting a great package i think it'll arrive 2 weeks from now..and a special thank you to a person coming from me within that package post too.XOXO
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Playing with My Stash~Color Frenzy plus Nail Artsy

Saturday, November 21, 2009
hi people~here's another extravagant Look i made,i was organizing my stash when i saw my estee lauder pencil creme shadows peeking out on me,its been so long since i used this one,so..i ended up playing with them..hehe.and my mama lorie gave me a lot of nail polish from wet and wild,YEY!thank you!!!anyway picture heavy~

estee lauder cream eyeshadow(pencil)-green meadow,starlight blue(base)
coastal scents 88 palette
estee lauder metallic creme e/s(inner corner)
stila smudgepot

peak a boo~i don't have any falsies in my kit...ill soon buy one..as long as i can find a duo eyelash glue.

mascara-estee lauder more than mascara

colors are bold and vivid~maybe because its matte...

trying to be mysterious...failed ahaha

wet n wild Caribbean forest

konad time~...added wet n wild kaleidoscope(glittery polish) =D

so that's it ladies thanks for visiting my blog and pls don't forget to visit my blog sale thanks!have a nice day...i still have to find 5 more cases...off i gooooo ZZZZZooooooommmm~
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hallooo ladies!so in my previous post i said that i am converting back to Mineral makeups...its weird though its as if its my first time again...=p anyway i got me some Meow Cosmetics and Joppa minerals..and i got it at such a LOW price and when i say LOW i mean it!

Meow's sizes-munchkins

swatches no flash(3 Naughty Manx/3 Frisky Chartreux/Naughty Abyssinian)

with flash..flawless feline formulation will give you the heaviest/greatest coverage.(forgot to swatch the joppa sorry)

Flawless feline 3 Frisky Chartreux-i find it a little bit yellow on my skin,well at least thats how i see it.its really not that obvious so i can still wear it.(i used a sponge to apply the foundation)

flawless feline 3 naughty Abyssinian-this matched my shade.it looks dark when i saw it on their site though.(did not open joppa and ff naughty manx yet..ill post face pic of me wearing it on my next post..)

i love how light it felt,the coverage is heavy so i have to apply it with a light hand,since i am aiming for a medium coverage..i reached for my kabuki brush this time cause flat top brushes will give me a heavier coverage compared to kabukis.

went to mcdo for breakfast and saw this cute mirror...i wish i can take it home...hehe.look at my comfy outfit...and have i told you how i love big bags?i am not the kind of gal who like those little cute and petite bags...my makeup bag itself will not fit inside those bags..i tend to carry a lot of stuffs..like book..rolled tissues,camera,etc etc..so i like enormous bags,like this one..its Tumi,given to me by Mama Lorie a few years back..since i carry a lot of stuff its always a mess inside my bag...i have to bring almost everything out before ill be able to find what im looking..when my friends asked my permission to get something inside my bag this is their term "halungkay"..."camille pahalungkay sa bag ha"---("camille ill dig inside your bag ha")..

me and my youngest brother...we just got home from my school..he came with me.

horsie yah!!!poor horse...ahaha.this was 5 hours after i applied the meow in abyssinian..good thing was that even though it was scorching hot that time,my skin felt as if i was not wearing any foundation,did not cake considering the fact that i sweat a lot,and there is nothing i can do to keep it at bay unlike my oilies..sad..

so that's everything ladies.thanks for visiting!and have a nice day.

ps:thanks for those ladies who gave me some tips regarding my Mommy Dilemma...he still doesnt like rice...but he likes to eat "bigas" (rice grains)..such a weird kid,hehe.Our kasambahay(house nanny) told us that its much better that way...atleast we dont have to cook it anymore we'll save more...LOL
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hi ladies..good weekends to you guys,i wasn't able to post my skin update because when i was typing and uploading photos my google crashed.ahaha,so instead of nothing ill just have to post some of my beauty hauls for the past few days..

cyleina black pearl soaps,etude peach skin pact,giggles wet wipes,joppa minerals,nail polishes,emu oil.

nail polishes from wet and wild and BnC(yellow shade),the wet and wild ones were given to me by Mama Lorie ^_^ thanks. 

oh and the joppa minerals swatches i bought from sis Em-Em of letsfaceminerals,Lip pot(freebie!),MD citrine,and FC light 1. in refills.the Citrine was supposed to be an order from my cousin but she left earlier than i expected so its mine to claim.!ahaha.

i just guesstimate my shade..thats me wearing no makeup.

with jopp MD citrine..sis Em helped me picked my shade.Very nice seller,she answered my queries even though i myself think that the persistent questioning i did,may tick me off...haha.well on my side i want to know what im really purchasing right?...and im glad that sis em pulled through.hehe.thanks thanks!!!..is it too light??see im asking for your opinions again... couldn't i just tell it myself.

and i so love the shade of the free LIP POT!!Thanks sis!!..im making my way back on using mineral makeups..since i noticed that my skin is experiencing its annual skin dysfunction...and i think the reactions that i got from Mac stimulates or awaken its long time sleep...its like im battling an enormous mythical creature here..LOL.

thank you guys for visiting.and have a nice weekends..BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DONNARENCE!!!!xoxo

help:what should i do..my son doesn't like to eat rice..i mean for the past years of his life he seldom eats rice...he get his nutrition by drinking his Milk which is eating away the family's budget...its Pediasure and mostly every week he consumes it all up...when i always try to feed him he pushes me away and keeps on avoiding the spoon,and if i ever get the chance to put the food in his mouth he will force the food out or spit it out of his mouth...im scared cause he's turning 3 by February,and his eating habits are not of a 3 years old child..my niece eats way better than him and she's only 2 y/o..i tried doing the Choo CHoo charades,tried everything but still i failed to make him eat rice everyday..The only time he will eat rice is when we dine at tokyo tokyo or kenny rogers etc where his favorite potato balls and corn and carrots are..i made a cream cheese corn and carrots 3 days ago and he ate it with rice,but i don't think its right to serve him same food everyday.sigh....i already told his pedia about this that is why she gave us Pediasure....can someone give me something...advice...mommy's??SOS!!.
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