Sweet Goods For Mr.R~Mirens Dessert Express~

Monday, October 26, 2009
so this is the goods that i was telling you about.....sweet goodies!!...I've been so curious about this site on multiply...mirens dessert express...all the baked goodies looks so yummy!!but they are too beautiful and too cute to eat!!hehe.i think it was 4 days before Mr. R's birthday i submitted an order form...for the chocolate cream cheese squares in regular 15's,and a big chocolate chip oatmeal cookie....anyway let the picture do the rest of the talking.. 
see how big the cookie is???and how cute my 2 boys are....they are my happiness by the way..
lil r singing..while Mr R tries to keep lil r's hands off the goodies.
for the big cookies its size is 8 inches,and to my surprise its not burnt at all..i thought it'll be dry and fragile,but its not.the letters were made of raisins,you can taste those big melted chunks of chocolate....the sweet message is for free...this message is from lil r..he calls Mr. R. "PARE KOI!"...a tagalog term for "buddy,pal"
and this is the chocolate cream cheese squares....the sweet message costs 5 php,face toppers(15php)....the taste??..sooooo goood!!..this is a one chewy brownie,the cream cheese adds a little zing on the lot.the thing that i like about this dessert is that its sweetness is just right,its not the im already fed up with its sweetness kind of taste that i usually get with some sweets...i love to eat the brownies first then the cream cheese..=D i like to eat it little by little,that way i can enjoy its taste.
but in my Lil r's case...well just look how happy he was when Mr R opened the box.
Lil R resisting the goodie....well he tried...
and then...while me and Mr R.finished our hugs and cuddles we caught lil R...red handed...i mean literally "red handed" and lips too..
Mr R's face topper..i sent them a sketch just like this one,a cartoon face of Mr R;it did somehow resembles him,ei?..curly hair,chinky eyes.,his eyes looks so anime-ish when he smiles...
see?that's what i like about him ^_^,well one of them....
he gave me the topper and made me eat it..he told me "you can have it,since i am yours,you can eat me".with his smirking face.....sounds so..Pg 18..
My lil R..grabbed the box' cover and smiled at me saying "mommy!!! hello!! mommy"..a sign that he's happy with what he ate.see those red drool..haha.icky Lil r. and i am a happy camper!!!since they enjoyed the goodies.a simple and inexpensive gift that will not only make your love one feel appreciated,but will also give their mouth and your relationship the right taste of sweetness
have a nice day everyone ^_^ keep the love flowing and it doesn't have to be expensive for you to be able to make someone happy..its your effort,a simple way and act of thoughtfulness is all you need.i am so happy ^_^. take care guys.

next stop:java cupcakes:
(photo courtesy of miren's site)

7 Beauty Bag Lovers:

oOchaOo said...

aww that's sweet heehee
and everything looks soo yummy <3

The NeuroChiq said...

you guys are so cute, and full of love =)

And yes, the face topper looks like Mr. R!!! Kulit =D

Ida said...

ah! ang laki nung cookie! hehe :D i like what you chose, kaiba sa usual birthday cake. looks yummy pa. you looked like you all had fun :D

Ida said...

ah! ang laki nung cookie! hehe :D i like what you chose, kaiba sa usual birthday cake. looks yummy pa. you looked like you all had fun :D

Askmewhats said...

those looks yummy! I seriously need sweets right now!!! so down!! :( anyways take care and enjoy!!!!

joyciexclusive said...

haha :D ang cute ng baby mo camille, kamukha mo :)

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

@cha-yes its super yummy!!!lol..i told him "hun dont you think that it was a sweet gesture/gift?" haha..double meaning ^.~

@dang-yes it did look like him..i made them change the skin color nga eh..kasi i know na gusto niya magpaputi

@ida-uu tot nga na its thin pero para siyang pie crust!hehe.i like the oats too!

@ms nikki-i do that too.i eat sweets when im gloomy.kahit papano eh napapagan yung pakiramdam ko..kaso hindi guilt free eh hehe

@joycie-naku!love u na!!lahat sila kamukha daw ng dadi!pero half half kami.napagkakkamalan kaminbg magpinsan ng husband ko eh hahah

TY ladies!

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