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Tuesday, October 13, 2009
hello guys!..okay so this post does not include any FOTD,or product review..its just me rambling about,my life,well since i am about to finish my college days,i suddenly asked myself a question."WHAT will i Do after that"...well its easy to say that i will do this and that,but if we put it in action,some of us will realize that "hey its really not that easy.."..reality check..our world is going through drastic changes..it affects how we live,how we work or act to survive.Well being a MOM and all..i have to set my priorities straight up,keep my mind focused,and never wither..i always say that i have to be strong for my son..i have to give him the very best...i should stop fooling around(well not that i am fooling around and all)..i have to grow up..since i am growing old...im just 21 y/o..im turning 22 this friday 17th of october..i know that you have heard that "growing old is mandatory,and growing up is an OPTION"...so its your call if you should grow up,its not about the age..it never was..i have friends who are 5 years older than i am and still they act as if they are the teen jerks that we see in a movie..they are shallow,narrow minded,and never accepts opinion from others..I told my self that.."hey!..wake up!youre not that same old person anymore!you have to grow up,be mature,commit myself on being a mom and work hard for my child..BE RESPONSIBLE enough not to think only for yourself.."..but of course i still have to stay in touch with my childhood,in that way,i can connect with LIL r,play with him,chase him,dance with him,do silly stuffs with him...living for yourself is easier...well thats what i thought,but now i am thankful that god gave me LIL r,because of him..i know that i will never be alone,and i will never liberate myself from him or MR R,they will be my SHINING STARS..my 2 brightest stars who will guide me in my darkest night..of course GOD will be our moon..the one who will light our way so that we will never stray from our path....I just want to let it out..and of course since you guys are somewhat connected to me,i decided to make this post my OUTLET ..and so i bid you GOOD NIGHT!!! and thanks for visiting..XOXO

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Anonymous said...

aaww advance happy bday shobe! come on 22 still young.. haha ako nga gusto na lang mastuck 20's hays we dont have any choice but to accept that we're getting old but but but but I don't act as 29 years old pasali ako sa friends mo haha batang isip minsan nyahaha :P Happy bday your little man so cute *cuddles* kamuka sya ni hubby mo pero yun kulay sayo no hehe so cute!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on finishing college! It's very liberating to know you are done with school..I remember how great it felt for me on my graduation day. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us =)

Ida said...

advanced happy birthday hun :) true, god gave you your son for a reason. best wishes! :)

Askmewhats said...

very inspiring post, thanks sis and advance happy bday!

rhaindropz said...

hun check this out:



--shineii-- said...

hi sis! advance happy birthday!
i was so inspired by this post (:

~tHiAmErE~ said...

i agree..
as what nikki said before..quarter of a century na ko (mgt25 na kasi ako)...when she said that, it just dawns on me that i still don't know what can actually happen to me in a span of 5 years...

anu nga kaya no?

well,at least in your case, you have your son & hubby with you. as you mature, your son matures with you din. i have to say nga that you are pretty lucky e. im having a hard time having a baby kasi e
much as i want to...pero hnd tlg e

advanced happy birthday din sayo,sis

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