Product Review:Stila Smudgepot (BRONZE)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009
hello!!!hows everyone?finals is almost over..ill just have to finish one exam and then...thats it for me..goodbye college..=D..okay getting back,im here for a review on the stila smudge pot in bronze..ive been using this gel liner for quite sometime now,and this product needs to be featured since its been so good to me.*wink*

size-mini(2.o g)/Full size (4.0 g)
retails for 20$(i think the price of the smudge pots here in Philippines are less than 20$)
Stila’s Smudge Pot in Bronze creates a beautiful sun-kissed glow. Smudge the colour softly over the eyelid for a sexy shadow look.

.the consistency is not the same as compared to Coastal scents gel liner,nor the Mac Fluidlines,well this for me have a much firmer consistency,maybe because i sometimes leave the lid open when im lining my eyes.So be sure to always close the the lid tightly,otherwise it'll firm up..

swatched on my hand...stila smudge pot in bronze have shimmers on it..see those pretty bronzy sheen..unlike the smudgepots in gray and jade which is more on the matte side.

swatch using a liner brush...

smudge pot bronze on my upper can build the shade more if you re-apply,but you wont see a big shade difference.just a more defined deep dark brown color with more bronze shimmer.

Second swatch using a liner brush..although some says that this is a good bronze liner...i still think that the color it gives isnt as bronze as i thought it would...look closely if you will and dont mind the shimmery bronze specks,the cream itself is more brown than terms of pigmentation,well just look at the picture...i swatched that with just one brush stroke..need i say more?

rubbed twice with firm strokes,i let it sit in for 3 mins though,it doesnt have to take 3 mins for the liner to set,it dries up really fast..just as soon as i closed the lid after applying the liner on my hands it completely dries...see any difference from the previous photo??its almost untouched right?didnt budge one single line or pigment out of place..but if you look closely(click photo) you can see some brown-ish color on both sides of my skin....its so unnoticeable,you have to be the OC-iest or overly meticulous person to even complain..

now lets test this one..with water....same swatch..

rubbed down thrice with firm the smudges are more noticeable..but its not a bad outcome considering the fact i did rubbed it very hard,and the liner still managed to keep its shade solid with minor smudges that a lot of people(including me) wont mind.

rubbed 6 times with firm strokes(skin is still a little bit wet) you can really tell where the smudges are.

and since my hands are dry and my lids are oily...the finish and outcome is not as grandiloquent as this one.But scroll down pls!.

  • creamy
  • highly pigmented
  • can be used as an eyeshadow/or an eyeshadow base(multipurpose)
  • Lasts all DAY!(doesnt smudge, or tug..not unless you'll purposely tugged or smudged it out/oily-at the end of the day i noticed minor smudges,again its not noticeable im just the type that zooms everything up when im looking in the mirror.)
  • Great Shade!(i love the brown-ish bronze finish)
  • brightens up my eyes in an instant.
  • easy to apply
  • dries up fast(both dry and oily lids)

  • Expensive(worth every penny)
  • the shimmers will definitely hurt your its not a good idea to apply it on your waterline or lowerlashline( lower lashline-if you are to do so carefully avoid the glitters from getting in the waterline)
  • since its shimmery itll definitely highlight your wrinkles of lines making it more obvious.
  • dries up fast(on the container and when applied)
  • if youre not into shimmers this is not the liner for you.

So..thats it..if you would like to add something just leave me a comment guys! loving this liner since i can sub this as an eyeshadow other than that a little bit goes a long way and it doesnt crease..even for those with oily lids ^_^ thanks for visiting guys have a nice day XOXO..

4 Beauty Bag Lovers:

Sarah said...

I dislike how products are expensive too, but at least they work well :D lol

Elsa said...

great review shobe... I have a clinique smudgepot but I think it breaks easily for me!

Askmewhats said...

I own this too! I'd love it if Stila Smudgepots have MATTE brown available, the glitter is great and it stays on my lids! :)

sizbelle said...

gal, thanks for the review.

can you show us ur EOTD using the liner as i place order for this too, need some inspiration on how to use...

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