Product Review:Naris UP Acmedica Medicated Mild Foam Wash

Thursday, October 29, 2009

hello dearies,im back!well actually i never just here again for another Skin Care Review,i was not able to write or post because ive been playing with my Template...and i was so amused that i forgot to backup my template....haha..i got dizzy changing those Css codes,okay so enough about that...Remember my post on My Sasa hauls(mr R)..the naris up acmedica foam wash captured my attention since i love anything that is recommended for sensitive skins,even though my skin is really not that sensitive,since this is for people who are prone to acnes i guess this will be a good mild facial wash for everyday use.

Product Description:
naris Up Acmedica Medicated Mild Foam Wash can lather into rich and gentle foam. It provides gentle deep cleansing and also leaves skin feel soft and smooth.

The amino acids contained helps to effectively lock up skin moisture, preventing the formation of acne.
Naris Up Acmedica Medicated Mild Foam Wash is fragrance and coloring free.

how to use it
Put some onto palm, apply and massage over your wet face, then rinse with water.

this product came from japan....

Pump Dispenser with a cap~very hygienic to me ..i love the packaging ^_^.plus the flowers looks so cute

i never thought that the product itself was a foam...i thought that "Foam" pertains to foamy-er lathering...haha!.anyway you have to get this amount for you to have a nice lather,if not then its as if you didnt use any facial wash while washing,so you tend to pump more,and also i notice that you'll get more foam when you have less water on your face..,so be sure to get a nice foamy lump in one pump.

okay so here is my face before the routinely face the Coastal Scents Gel liner,its very messy for me to take off gel liners when washing..

after i wash my oily residue,no gunk,no more eye shadows,and just a small rubbed hints of the liner on my lower eye part,well im used to that,most facial cleansers that i used made me look like a crying raccoon..the cleanser is odorless so less chemical ingr.

and my skin felt soft,refreshed,and smooth~i also love how clean my face smells after.See how nice it cleansed my skin..and since ive been using this one for almost a month or so..i can attest to its quality,never dried out my skin even if i use it everyday..actually i made this my special cleanser,good for those days when my skin is acting up with nasty pop outs.

  • inexpensive!
  • odorless
  • very mild
  • good for sensitive/acne/oily skin(ANY SKINTYPE)
  • Skin felt SMooth and soft after
  • comes in 200ml size
  • nice packaging(so cute)
  • good for everyday use
  • did not broke me out/irritated my skin
  • skin feels CLEANSED and REFRESHED(some cleansers that i used did not gave me this kind of afterwash finish )
  • skin feels moistened
  • not locally available
  • some people may find it so~so(especially if you re used to high end skin prods)
  • hard to get a nice foamy lather at first(since im not used to foam cleansers)
Overall..I DO RECOMMEND this product!..this is a good cleanser for everyday use,that is good for any skin type,For the price it passed my expectations with flying Rainbows..

do you have any special cleanser?share it with us in the comment section pls ^_^..

So thats it thanks for visiting dearies,stay safe god bless XOXO

8 Beauty Bag Lovers:

Pammy said...

I want! Kaso parang ang weird, foam? :P Too bad it's not locally available. :(

I love your skin, Shobe. :P

☆Anastacia☆ said...

Love your new blog layout! Looks cute!

abby said...

i really love your new blog layout! very nice review! but it irks me that it is not locally available. awww

abby said...

and oh, you got an award on my last post. please check it out. thank you! stay pretty =)

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Nice post, kind of drawn out though. Really good subject matter though.

Bebe said...

I like to try it. How much is it and where can I buy it?

Camille(SHOBE) said...

my hubby got this for me he bought it at SASA

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