Product Review:BRTC Whitening and Wrinkle Repair BB Cream.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

hello ladies..its been a while since i made a review..and i really do need to catch yeah,here is a BB cream review,BRTC whitening wrinkle repair bb cream,i got this in sample form,remember the taiwan mail?..anyway..they say that this'll only last you for up to 2 applications,well for me..its been my 7th,and it still has a little bit of cream remaining that is good for hmm.lets say 3 more..this bb cream is thick!.but if you apply an ample amount of moisturizer on your face prior to using this one,spreading wont be a problem..

i decided to use this one because i had a large zit on the side of my nose last week and it was our foundation day and i was one of the facilitator,it was held on Marikina SPorts Park,damn i had to travel everyday and be there before 6 am for 3 days!!.our last day was a day before typhoon Ondoys outburst..

look at how goopy this cream can tell its thickness just by looking..i squeezed a lot of the cream so i had to return some of it really dont need a lot since its thick.

here is my bare face..tired and lifeless..LOL

upon applying the cream..whitish cast!..hehe just let it sink in for a while..remember not to skip your moisturizer!..

after 5 mins...tadah!!my skin is noticeably brighter..well not white-ish bright but the glowy,healthy,notice me or ill kick you kind of bright. powder on this one.

day 2:BRTC bb cream already applied..oh i so love the smell!!.its very refreshing,its not similar to the missha perfect cover,its more of a flowery..herbally refreshing setting powder on this one as well.

just want to share you my nail art.=p

again after 5 mins or sure not to put a lot of the product,just start with a pea size amount then reapply if you need more coverage.cause it might flake or set in your fine lines,or it might make you look oily afterwards..

Day 3:this is me and Mr R...location:malabon zoo with Lil its been like 1 hour or so since i had my Brtc bb cream on,we had a long walk and it was really hot!..good thing was that it stayed put,even if i wiped my face too much...i did not use any pressed powder by the way..cause i was flaking..=p.

goofing off...monkey cage..smells really nice..can you tell?

so after all those running,and walking,here is yours truly,exhausted and very much sweaty..very much sweaty i have said i did not seal the brtc cream with any powder..thus making me look shiny...but the good thing is gives me a healthy shine.! i dont have anything on me other than the BRTC bb cheeks looked flushed,a healthy dewy it!..but if you want you can apply your powder after applying the bb cream,since its better that way most especially if you have an oily skin..


  • Love the Smell!
  • Good coverage
  • Above Average Oil Control
  • Gives me a healthy Glow even if i did not set it with any powder(unlike the missha perfect cover that gives me an oilier look/glow/dewyness,i like brtc more)
  • A little bit goes a long way!..
  • i dont have to wait 20 mins or so before it adapts with my skin tone.
  • Did not broke me out.

  • expensive in full size(40ML)(higher than legere's price,but it still depends on where you buy it)
  • might break you out(i have seen a lot of threads or bloggers mentioned that they broke out)
  • THICK!(a little bit thicker than missh pc in my view)
  • not available locally(you can search for resellers)

and that is it..oh i missed you guys!!..i am missing a lot aint i..i may not have the time to make a post but i do read your updates..and oh i have some packages with ill probably post it tomorrow,i am lemming korean products right now...especially their powder pacts...darn..its soo darn cute..but my problem will i use them all..lets not forget about the BLUSHES...i got hooked by blushes..i always visit Pammy's Blog and drool over her collection..(hope your now okay..hope your b**chy boss get what she deserves..a painful kick in the..uh-oh)

i hope you guys are still with me ....HELLO??? are you there??

Stay safe and sweet.. XOXOXO.

13 Beauty Bag Lovers:

donnarence said...

nice review.. i want to try more bb creams but i am afraid of having break outs.. can't wait to see you package!!!

Khymm said...

wow this BB cream looks nice! thanks for the review shobe.. ang cute mo talaga! hehe

Tish said...

Shobe dear, how long did you use the BRTC BB cream? I still get tempted to buy BB Creams sometimes even though I have yet to open one from Skinfood (Agave Cactus sample and a full size Peach Sake). I guess I'm loving the effect BB creams give.

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

ello tish!morning!yung variant na un ng BRTC siguro every other day 7 times palang tapos yung recover balm naman ng brtc twice siguro 3 weeks..tapos hindi consistent na everyday..i know..nakaktempt noh..kasi minsan iba iba yung finish niya may mas maganda may so so...gggrrr kainis

*Nehs* said...

het shobe! great review! mas thick ba sya sa l'egere? ano mas gusto mo sa dalawa?

oOchaOo said...

thanks for the review! ang haba na ng list ko for BB creams na gusto ko i-try haha :)

Jbreezybaby said...

thia gave me this as a sample and i cant wait to use it! ganun ba kadami yun from the pack? wooaahhh... i hope it last long too hehe. great review shobe :D

Anonymous said...

i like you skin shobe ganda talaga naturalesang makinis hehe :D..may bb cream akong sample from whit kakatakot gamitin kasi si thiamera yun missha di ba hays..

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review girl!! I love BB Creams <3

Anonymous said...
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K said...

sis which do you prefer?
Legere Multi White or BRTC whitening & Wrinkle Repair?


CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

i prefer legere K since i have oily skin it mattifies my face kasi,while brtc it gives me a fresh dewy finish.

Sakura135 said...

Does this BRTC bb cream have spf?

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