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Sunday, October 11, 2009
hello ladies!!weekends!yey!!..well that yey is for you not for me..i think im going through my phase in where i feel so alone..that i dont have my friends anymore..well not that they are avoiding me,its because being a mom and all,i spend most of the time at home..its been 5 months?4?..i cant remember..this is me going through transitions..adjusting..its not easy for me and for Mr R..since i got pregnant at an early age,earlier than i expected,anyway that said here is how Mac Love Rock looks on me,i used it as a blush and moon river as a highlight

face:Brtc recovery balm BB cream/Mac Love Rock(blush)/Mac Moon river(highlight)

i used my stippling brush by the way...i tied my hair scrunchy around the bristles to make it smaller..aahhh..i love the glow it gives me..although im quite used in seeing my face glow,not because i want to,but because my sebums wont behave..

for those with oily skin like me...its luminescent effect doesnt look too apply it with a light hand..they say that its pigmented,well i dont know about that,maybe because the glow on my face makes it faint for me to notice.shiny!!!

and for those who have large pores..i think it'll make it more obvious..since it highlights the hollow of the pores..see mine??i zoom it for up 8x so there!..i have seen some blogs in where they too said that this blush made their pores visible.(pardon me im brushing my teeth)

after several hours of having it touch ups here is what it looks like..

here is what it looks like after hmmm 5 hours..after i came home from school....aahh i love it!!!..

well even though it made me shine like theres no tomorrow i still like it!,well it doesnt give me an oily shine anyway,its a luminescent glow which made it look so natural..i just wish i my oils would behave when i have this blush that it wont compete with who shines the best!haha!..

the color pays off!.its not as pigmented as i have expected,but its still pigmented..haha..i think this'll look good to those people with dry-normal skin.

morning or night this will look good on you~..and this is best suited for those with fair skin,well atleast thats what i think so..since its a violet/pink blush with blue undertones..i tried this on my cousin whose skin is darker than mine and it looks good on her as well,but its not as vibrant as it was on me,but it does appear to go along with her skintone.

oh and since halloween is slowly approaching here is a lil something i made haha..scary..


this one with blood..just got fed!rawrrrrr

AWARS YEY!!! thanks to twinsouls888 for giving me this award!!! its sooo HOT!!!like any other award i too will have to pass it to my fellow hot bloggers lol..

1.Don't change the banner award. The signature, color or the text

2. Post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and her blog link.
3. Choose 10 female blogger that you know and have never received this Award.
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I would like to add a no. 4 hehe, it is but proper to receive the award by commenting on this post, just to inform the one who gave you the award, that you got the message. ^_^

i pass this award too:

anyway thats it guys!thanks for visiting have a nice weekend.. mwuah.XOXO..

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*Nehs* said...

oh shobebe!! i love your skin, super duper flawless!!

* Jen * said...

And thanks sa award! Hahaha.. Late ko na nakita, ako pala yun! Yayyy!! =D

* Jen * said...

Hahaha.. Ok lang, I'll just post it again. =)

Love Rock looks lovely! When the Grand Duo collection came out, I was supposed to pick that up as well, kaya lang I ended up getting Grand Duo lang. I like it a lot, it's really nice, kaya lang I don't use it that often. That's why it's for sale. *hint hint!*

I hope you know that true friends will always be your friends, no matter what your situation in life is. =) Have a great week!

CHARRY said...

Nice vampire look! :)

Jbreezybaby said...

you have a very nice skin shobe! inggit ako. hehe. i wanted to get love rocks too (i actually arranged a swap with this person on makeupalley but that girl end up swaplifting me instead.. ugh! im pissed!) looks really nice on you!

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

@achii Nehs-wah..mukhang flawless lang kasi makintab hehe..may plus factor din pala ang pagiging oily.

@jen-lol di ko nakita eh..hint hint =p..i do want to buy yours..kasuuuuuu i cant let go pa sa damage ng duos sa wallet ko..chipipay pa naman ako natempt lang ako talga.

@charry-uu haha ganda noh,parang ewan lang hehe

@joanna-swaplifting!!really?nyak tsk,people naman tlga,makapanglamang breaking out nga ngayon..di ko alam kung sa mac kasi i broke out din sa studio fix nila..kaya di ko kasundo mac eh..buti stress pa..hay

em said...

love rocks looks goo good on you! such pretty glowy cheeks! xo

oOchaOo said...

i love how it looked on your cheeks! blooming <3 and yes, i agree that you have nice skin too! :)

Pammy said...

it looks gorgeous on you. And you really do have nice skin. :)

Anonymous said...

ganda talaga kutis mo ineng hehe mwaks :P am so amazed i have oily skin so prone ako sa pimples bakit kaw I dont see any zits kahit man lang blackhead sabi mo your going to tell your secret :C di ba nagpeel yun skin mo dati ano yun? hayy your apple cider plus clay aahhh gagawin ko yun promise! did you take any vitamins ;D or put whitening cream ? evnymode ako with tears haha lalo na nun gumamit ka ng contact lenses *waaaa*

btw ty sa award :P

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

thank you ladies!!!!..dati prone ako sa pimples nung highschool..tapos nag maxipeel ako kasu nagsugat mukha ko..tapos hineram ko yung RDL ng cousin ko nagimprove yung skin ko.nung nagpeel ako cream ng kuya ko yung ginamit ko yung pang derma!di ko na ginamit ulit,i tried RDL ulit pero gumagamit lang ako ng astringent once every 3 months as in once lang!! dati bumili ako ng TOPGEL spot treatment i stopped using it nung malaman ko yung ke sis miemie na nagka reaction siya withdrawal..pero ang feeling ko dahil siya sa EMU oil tlga..nagkaka pimples din ako mabilis lang gumaling..will you believe me if i tell you na nung marikina grabe CYCTIC pimple ko sa nose!!look mo yung marikina pics ko louie sa side ng nosee pula pula..3 days lang nawala na wala pa siyang treatment lang ng EMU OIL!!!

Kay said...

hi shobe.. super thanks for the award, sweetness!

like them.. i love ur skin too.. inggit ako sa glow! the emu oil sounds promising.. i'll try it nga din..

Elsa said...

shobe...thank you! you're so sweet... Love yah!

Iyah said...

You have such flawless skin! :) Thanks for the award! :D

donnarence said...

ang ganda ng skin mo girl!!haaaayyy,,, nakakainggit.. i want some dewy look on my face,, super dry ng balat ko.. thanks sa award


looks very great on you! thanks for the award. passed it back to you. :)

rose said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


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