good day ^_^..we went to the mall this morning because we wanted to see how cute those kids in their Halloween costumes were..Lil R on the other hand wasn't wearing a costume,cause we cant find his Spiderman suit...anyway here is a lil pic TuT on how i did my Brown glammed eye look

eyeshadows-(coastal scents browns ..farthest right lane.)(a light shimmery satin shade,bronze satin shade,and a dark brown matte shade)
Mascara-Estee lauder More than mascara
Liner-Stila Smudgepot in Bronze

1.Lightest brown e/s on the inner half of the lid,blend it just above the natural crease line.
2.bronzy shimmer e/s on the outer half of the lid blending outwards following the outer V,blend it with the light e/s above the crease line
3.dark brown matte e/s focusing on the outer part of the eye,blending inwards following the hollow of your eye socket(1/4 of the outer eye)
4.Highligh your brow bones.

5.line your upper and lower lashlines
6.Retouch any harsh areas..

anyway before i move on to the why i hate MAC foundies here's some random photos.

Ice Monsters brownie GOOD!!

then we went to Bench(clothing company) since they're on sale i bought myself a pair of pants..look at my shirt...bought this from Pammy ^^. Mr R liked it..dont mind my bloated tummy ahaha.i LOVE wearing shorts.i can move freely with them.

and this is the pants that i bought.i got those love handles from my momma,its like a mark i cant remove since birth ahaha...=D,my Lil R tried to open the fitting room's door.

and since there were lots of kids wearing a cute monster costumes...Lil R got one himself as well.My lil Warlock.

and now for my why i hate mac rantings...i bought a mac studio fix powder foundation last week and i used it just this morning,its not my first time using this one,i owned one a few years back but decided to let it go cause it broke me out..knowing that experience..i still bought it again and gave it another skin was well before we went to the mall,right before we left the mall i saw a little redness on my right cheek and a small bump,when i looked on the mirror but thought it was just a mosquito bite,then right after i washed my face i saw this marks...(blurred out)

and some more on the right cheek...they're not itchy..i can feel 2 bumps and i think that its going to turn cystic..

i hate mac foundations!!ugh!!it was so dumb of me to let it touched my face again...though MSFs went well with me.their Foundations such as this one clogs and irritates my skin.

i wonder why...this is the only product that doesnt do well with my skin..and my skin isnt sensitive to start this means that "EXPENSIVE DOESNT MEAN THAT IT'LL SUIT YOUR SKIN" its just a matter of finding your Holy grails..and this Mac foundation is definitely NOT mine to keep.

and here is a shot of Me and Lil R...haha..he's sooo adorable...hey..Mom talking here. =D agree eigh?..his smile reminds me of his father's...i call it the "No Eyes Smile" hehe..

so thats it gals thanks for visiting have a nice day and don't forget to give respect to your departed loved ones...XOXO

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~tHiAmErE~ said...

i have a friend who is not a fan of mac...
she have tried nars, guerlain, the brand & she have tried it & she'd rather go for nichido foundation or even clean & clear except mac

she said that the mac foundation is an utter _________....hehehe
i'll just keep her word na lang

that's why im not a mac fan even if mac is the cheapest high-end

such a shame,no?
here we thought that all high-end brands are good...

good thing BB creams are cheaper yet it's better

~tHiAmErE~ said...

by the way, the last pic is so cute!

lil R is so cute!
i wanna pinch his cheeks


teeyah. said...

I love your new theme! Pink polka dots :)

So sorry to hear about the bumps. Must be the silicone component? :(

Tish said...

That's the same reason why I don't use MAC foundations or any traditional makeup (at least for foundation) on my face. They all break me out. I remember using one from Covergirl last year, and within an hour, I had a huge zit on the side of my nose. It was awful! I had to have it pricked because it was so painful. Ugh. That's why I'm never going back to using traditional foundations on my face. I'm sticking to mineral makeup.

Your bronzey makeup looks fabulous! I love it!

Stacieee said...

The eyeshadow look is so pretty!!! AND omg I can't believe the MAC foundation did that to your face!! If it broke you out before, definitely do NOT go back to that product again =/ and yes expensive does not always mean its a good product or suitable for you. Hope your skin is better =)

Golden said...

I love your eye makeup sis. I'm fond of brown and bronzey shadows myself.

Haha! Lil R is so cute!

Waa! MAC caused you those breakouts? And yes, I agree with you. Price tags don't really judge a product's quality.

Love your blog sis. I'm a new follower.

Golden said...

Aww! Sis, try mo yung Bioneem. Effective naman sya sa baby ko. They're organic and safe pa.

Pammy said...

Oh boy, you broke out with MAC. A lot of girls do. Luckily, I did not. But man, look at what it did to your skin! Don't ever use MAC again, sis. :)

Lil R is uber duper super cute. :P

I'm glad Mr. R likes the top. :)

Askmewhats said...

Love your eye makeup!
I am so sorry you broke out sa MAC SF foundation, i heard a lot of people cannot use it! So never ever let your face touch it ok?

Sush said...

Mmmm that brownie fudge is making me drool LOL love the eotd so pretty! :)

I borke out with studio sculpt but studio tech and fix were fine naman. I think some of their formula really causes a reaction on some people. :/

Angie said...

I REALLY love the eye look! I might try that on myself sometime!

Khymm said...

naku, sorry to hear that! grabe di ka talaga hiyang noh? i have studiofix pero di ko masyadong ginagamit din kasi baka mka-clog..

The NeuroChiq said...

Sorry to hear that sis, you're right, not all high end brands will suit your skin. It's really a trial & error no? So don't be makulet & not go for MAC na okies? =)

PS: It also happened to me but with Olay TE, I tried it before & my skin went insane!but because I'm crazy, I tried it again this year, and as expected, I broke out, even worse. Tsk. Tsk. to us!

twinsouls888 said...

wow Shobe I love this eye tutorial, I always love browns and neutrals, I might try this one out. ^_^

And for the MAC foundie breaking you out that's not good tsk tsk, better stick to your HG foundie. ^_^

Your baby's sooo cute by the way :)

Lipstickaddict said...

We're in the same boat! My face broke out with Mac that's why I am selling mine na...:( Your baby is so cute!! Love your blog ;) Hope you check mine too thanks! XOXO

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