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Saturday, October 17, 2009

hello dearest visitors! yesterday was my birthday~and i am now officially 22!First of all i just want to say THANK YOU!!!! for all those lovely greetings!!it feels so nice to be greeted by you guys!!!i celebrated my day in my moms house,thanks to her,i never missed a single birthday without any food to comfort me,my family and some of our relatives,for her it doesn't matter if we're broke or not as long as she can afford a dish or two she will definitely cook it,its her way of celebrating an annual event...and i love her for being so sweet,it did reminded me of my childhood days when i was just a lil girl living with them.So yeah enough of that,and lets get moving to my EOTD...its kinda flashy for a day and here is how it looks like...

dont mind those mascara fall outs..=D

Face:Legere white multi BB cream/neutrogena fine fairness compact/la colors blush duo/mac moon river(on top of the blush)

here is a pic tut on my EOTD:(I PRIMED MY EYES WITH MONISTAT!)

1.apply a silvery blue cream base on the lids(estee lauder blue creme e/s pencil)
2.moss green creme e/s(estee lauder automatic creme e/s)
3.apply it on the outer part of the lid blend it towards your outer V area..
4.any blue e/s (CS palette blues 3rd column down)

5.apply it on the lids blend upwards
6.any light green e/s..(apple green from Cs palette)
7.put it on top of the green cream base,blend it in carefully with the blue e/s(blend it,right where your eye socket is)
8.dark green e/s(cs palette)

9.apply it on top of the apple green e/s where your outer V is..(blend outward)
10.any dark brown e/s(CS palette)
11.using a thin brush draw a line following your eye socket(draw it starting from the tip of the outer canthus till before half way of the inner canthus )
12.Using a Fluffy brush BLEND'll look like this after the blending.
14.glittery brown/bronze gel liner(stila smudgepot)
15.apply it on the upper lashline and lower lashline..(apply the dark green e/s on the lower lashline as well)

final looks..

random NOTD=p/messy base...

this is my utmost mom makes a killer..type menudo dish..

here is me after uhm....8 hours...i was exhausted..and boy it was hot!!and look!! i just used the monistat gel as my eye primer and the Cs shadows are still doing and looking signs of fading eigh??

FINAL PIC...MY SIBLINGS!!!!..(Kuya Francis(2nd born),Jr/Eugene(Youngest),ME(3rd born/only Girl),Kuya Eric(oldest)..I SO LOVE THEM and i do miss my boxing and quarrel sessions with my brothers...haha..its fun to have a picture such as this one...i cant help but think that its all happening too fast,seems like yesterday we were small and playful now..we're all grown up...aaaww..

okay guys!thanks for VISITING~hope you like my EYE TUT!..and be sure to always keep in contact with your families,no matter how far they may be,a simple SMS,or email will definitely make both of you feel better,even if me and my brothers were not that close i still make sure to visit them and ask them through mom,cause hey..they are MY BROTHERS!..without them..our family wont be as happy and manly.XOXOX.

8 Beauty Bag Lovers:

* Jen * said...

Shobe, happy birthday!! =D I hope you had a great one!

Great eye tutorial! That liner looks so gorgeous, but I could never pull off the gel liner thing. I'd much rather stick to pencils. =)

sheri amor said...

love the mixture of the colors.. u are good in these things :)

Pammy said...

Very nice fotd. :P

Oh, you have 3 brothers! I never had any brother and I've always wanted to. It must be fun growing up with 3. :P

*Nehs* said...


- - aika - - said...

u're so pretty

☆Anastacia☆ said...

Happy late Birthday :P
I loveee this bright make-up look! So cool!

Louie said...

pretty shobe!! colors suits on you very well! sis buti ka naging t-bird hehe :P happy birthday ulit :)

CHARRY said...

Belated Happy Birthday! :)

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