hello hello hello!!!.as promised here is my haul post..its nothing Big...since im the cheapest blogger in my country..LOL.title says it all mwuah!!

my order from mscuppycakes arrived last week,me and martha together with khymm combined our orders to save on shipping..(remember cheap cheap), i think this little knickers took 3 months..more or less its 3 months,before it was delivered to Khymm..i originally ordered the round lipstick thalia,but mscuppycakes changed it to chloe,and Khymms order was lacking onelipgloss..well,ive heard a lot of rantings about her site..and this must be a proven case of how she handle things.And my BB pact made its way to Mommy as well..i ordered another pact from etude too..i cant get enough of their cute packaging..

very nice.
yeps..its pink!!hehe..so cute..i bought it online.(duh!!obviously) seller is Ms.Mary Morales..very nice seller..she also sells BB creams like BRTC and skin 79,you can also make a request order..
(DISCLAIMER:im trying to give a feedback according to what i really do think of the seller,no biased statement.)

nyx circe/chloe/concealer in a jar fair.

Freebies that came with the skin 79 bb pact.

i also got me my second epilin wax..

My 2nd bottle of ACV..yeah loving this vinegar..i can attest on how good this product is.

i wonder what those are..my previous bottle does not have those clay like sediments..oh and by the way before you purchase a bottle of this,be sure to look for squibbly moving strings..welltheres a lot of string like sediments in the bottle but look closely if its moving..cause it might be a WORM..yes a worm..it feeds on the so called "MOTHER" which this bottle have..(see the firstacv photo."with the mother")..im not trying to freak you out,im just saying it in advance,if ever you saw something moving..

and miscellaneous things.like undies,eye drops,solutions,shirts for Mr R.

so thats it..i will do a review on the BB pact as soon as i used it within a week or two..

thanks for visiting and have a nice day.GODBLESS!!xoxo.

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hay nako sis, i posted about this mscuppycakes incident as well. some blogger told me not to order again from her because apparently, she's infamous online cos she has a horrible way of dealing with her clients.

ang pangit nga ng mga lipsticks na na-order ko. buti na lang ang salvation ko eh yung nyx concealer in a jar. maganda siya talaga. :p

btw, saan nakakaorder ng etude house items? gusto ko ng lipstick. :)

Louie said...

oh love your haul remedy yan :D ...haha @ apple cider am really curious about it . anong cheap ka dyan i saw your previous post yung mga bags mo cheap ba yun duh!! O_o haha

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

@martha-hehe uu mura kasi sakanya eh.balahura naman!ill leave a message nalang sa chat box mo sis

@louie-HELLO juris!!oi oi oi binebenta ko yung bruha!!!

Askmewhats said...

Your skin79 powder pact looks too cute!!!

Kristine said...

so braggs acv with moving "worms" is bad or good?

maviclicious said...

sis, saang site kau nag order? thnx.. love ur hauls

Khymm said...

shobe, from what site did you buy the bb pact and how much?

grabe si mscuppycakes noh? will not order from her again.. i emailed her regarding sa gloss ko na i-change color nalang coz OOS yung gusto ko. di pa rin nagreply..

Sush said...

What is ""the mother" hehehe. I love your purchases. Want to get circe too

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