hi people!!happy Monday!!lets all start our weekdays with a good smile ^_^ and ill start my weekdays with a FOTD post =p. hehe..yesterday was Mr R's birthday.I had to wake up at 7 am to get my present for him...its not the expensive perfume that he's been wanting ever since..(i cant find it in stores anymore...he told me himself that it was a limited edition one..).anyway before i start my regular rambling again here is a FOTD pic tut ^_^:

simple,fresh,classy look ^_^

Eyes~purples!i love purples!!its very wearable.

here is my pic tut ^_^:

1.i applied my base:careline platinum cream shadow stick
2.a periwinkle-ish shade(coastal scents)
3.apply that on the inner half of the lid(pat it)
4.apply it on the outer half of the lid blend it just above the crease line..(its the shade below the periwinkle-ish eyeshadow from coastal scents(light sky blue)

5.purple eyeshadow
6.apply that on the outer area defining your outer V.blend just above the crease line halfway over the eye.
7.get your highlighter/apply liner(upper and lower lashline)
8.curl lashes and apply mascara.(optional..shimmery highlight on the inner corners of the eyes.(elf all over cover stick-pink lemonade)

Finished eye...

9.flatana bb cream on my face.
10.smooth it in until its perfectly blended.
11.ellana minerals finishing powder.
12.dab it on your face to seal in the BB cream.

apply your blush!!(i use loreal blush delice in peaches and harmony topped with mac love rock with a stippling brush)

finished face:a very natural blush.

forgot my lips ^_^..so i just bit them ^_^rawr!

my messy nail art...im not good at applying my base...though i find them very cute!.

rambling...ready.....set.. go.....!!.

since he is the kind of person who's not into material stuffs...it was hard for me to find him a gift..he doesn't collect anything,i was thinking of clothes..but he already have a closet full of those,shoes...he's not into that either...so..since for me,its always the thought that counts...i gave him something that would satisfy him,and Lil r...though he came home late..3 hours late than i expected...we still went to church to give thanks and ate our dinner outside...after that we went home and then...i gave him his goods...

and i will be posting the goods just a little later coz i will be making a review about how great it was!..this is me about to wash my face ^_^...i always wash my face just before i change my clothes.
hope you ladies like my simple clean look ^_^...i love reading your comments, whether its a compliment or not,i do appreciate all of them.so that's it guys thanks for visiting and have a nice day! xoxoxo.

8 Beauty Bag Lovers:

Anonymous said...


hmmm... december is going to be our anniversary (the bf MR. W and me)...

nagakron ako idea... perfume na lang siguro ang regalo ko... :P

lumalaki na ang baby mo shobe :)
getting more handsome na...

Sherry said...

pretty :) still learning on apply eyeshadow and blush :)

Elsa said...

Wow, belated birthday to Mr. R... i know how you feel finding the right gift for the special person but what the heck... its the thought that count diba?

Nice nail love the yellow color...

Jbreezybaby said...

Belated happy birthday to ur Mr. R! hehehe... i love ur makeup look and ur nails!!! anong gmask? lol sorry di ko alam kung ano un. pero yeah... mura lang a netbook/notebook un lang kasi maaford ko as of now hehe. i still use the main PC most of the time, di kasi sanay sa liit! and yaaaay excited na akong makita si booo haha :))

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

@jing~kami din december anniv!!sakit sa kuko magisip ng regalo..ayaw ko na hehe...yes nga i noticed din...may times nga na when makikita ko yung pics niya right after ko siya ilabas,then when i see him playing..hay....how time flies..darn...motherly moment pls excuse me

sherry-im sure you'll get used to it soon ^_^.practice makes everything better.

elsa-thank thanks...i agree its always the thought that counts...but if its my birthday...if he cant give a decent effort i accept cash..ahaha.

jo-thanks thanks...nail noobie pa!!but it looks cute noh?..gmask its a protective skin for your laptop,they have different designs..feels and looks like the laptop's own..plus its scratch proof..but its too expensive for my laptop cause of its 15.4" screen

☆Anastacia☆ said...

The look is so lovely!
But your nails looks soooo exciting and bright! Love 'em :P
Thax for stopped by my blog :)

Mrs. Kolca said...

hey, i love your make-up tricks..

thanks for following my blog.. i'm following you back, so i could visit you regularly.. cheers!

Anonymous said...

belated happy bday to your honey! .you are damn flawless 10/10 hehe ..and i like your watch shobe ang laki!

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