here i go again..i made an eye look that can be worn perfectly on Night parties,Dinner Dates,etc..=D..Since there will be no busy school days for me now,i can blog more often than my usual every other 3 days posting..anyway products that i used is listed below the first photo

  • monistat anti-chaffing gel-primer
  • estee lauder pencil cream eyeshadow-blue
  • coastal scents 88 matte palette(shades of blue,and black e/s)
  • la colors metallic eyeshadow(soiree)
  • coastal scents gel liner (black)
  • estee lauder more than mascara(black)
  • falsies(unknown brand)

adding falsies does make your eyes more awake or dramatic,it did change my eyes' overall appearance,i wasn't planning on having my falsies since its not my field of expertise...but i think i did well ei?

and not only that..look how long these falsies cool!!!.my eye shadows were barely managed to cover the lids..=D

so i had to look down...=D.

another down gaze shot..i forgot to apply shimmers on my inner corners..

this is not a valid FOTD..haha.this is a no face make up moment...i just want you to see how the shadows looks like from afar..

and look..this is the watch i was telling you about...the "Harajuku Digital Subway Black watch"..harajukus are just so adorable..i think gwen stefani is somewhat connected to this harajuku collection,aside from her "harajuku girls song"..

its a Velcro strap on watch type..what i like about this one is that it has an alarm clock,chrono,timer,calendar,LED,etc.

and i fell in love with the colorful harajuku prints on the strap,plus its good to have a sporty type watch..and its CUTE!!!!my son loves clicking those buttons,i feel like a teen again when i'm wearing this one..

So CUTE!!right!and it doesn't feel heavy!i want to collect the other harajuku designs..but they are kinda expensive so..i think ill settle with only this one for now.How about you?do you adore the harajuku's collection as well?

thanks for visiting ^_^

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The NeuroChiq said...

Great EOTD sis, hope you can do tutorial, I'm a loser when it comes to smokey, dramatic looks =P Haha.

Elsa said...

you look fantastic! the falsies add drama for effect....

over all? love your EOTD!

Fifi said...

Oh wow, HOT! hahaha
You blended the shadows really well. And pfft, not your field of expertise? The lashes look perfect!

cute harajuku watch, by the way. <3

Anonymous said...

The look is absolutely gorgeous!! so Sexy!! I love the harajuku line as well~ and the watch is cuteeeee

Khymm said...

i love it shobe! sana marunong ako nyan! simple eye makeup lang alam ko eh..

Sush said...

That eotd id so pretty! I have been neglecting my blue e/s you have inspired me to use them again hehehe. Also love the watch! :D

♥ mia said...

great eotd! and luv d falsies!

Tish said...

Love this EOTD! Absolutely perfect for a night out.

Tish said...

Love this EOTD! Absolutely perfect for a night out.

☆Anastacia☆ said...

This is so amazing! Love the smokey look!

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

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