aicha with her first giveaway!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009
aicha with her first giveaway!!!hello ladies..aicha of "if i am not myself,who will" is holding a giveaway right now up until oct 30..there are 3 mechanics....below are the giveaways info.

First of all this is a Philippine-only giveaway, so I am mighty sorry for my friends who live outside my country. I really don't have enough to fork over for the shipping fee. But if you're from outside the country but you can provide me with a Philippine address (friends/relatives that can send you this little package) then by all means, I strongly encourage you to enter!
Giveaway ends on OCTOBER 30 12:00mn you guys! I hope I have at least 8 people who will join. I WILL DRAW THE WINNER VIA RANDOM.ORG IF I CAN LEARN HOW TO USE IT! HAHAHAH. I will announce the winner the very next day.

1. Follow me!
2. Post a this giveaway on your blog (nothing really fancy, just a little line along with your regular blog post is already awesome to encourage people to join in on the fun
looking for number 3? click the link above and visit her blog!!

thanks aicha !!

1 Beauty Bag Lovers:

Aicha Amano said...

thanks for joining shobe! :)

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