good day ^_^..we went to the mall this morning because we wanted to see how cute those kids in their Halloween costumes were..Lil R on the other hand wasn't wearing a costume,cause we cant find his Spiderman suit...anyway here is a lil pic TuT on how i did my Brown glammed eye look

eyeshadows-(coastal scents browns ..farthest right lane.)(a light shimmery satin shade,bronze satin shade,and a dark brown matte shade)
Mascara-Estee lauder More than mascara
Liner-Stila Smudgepot in Bronze

1.Lightest brown e/s on the inner half of the lid,blend it just above the natural crease line.
2.bronzy shimmer e/s on the outer half of the lid blending outwards following the outer V,blend it with the light e/s above the crease line
3.dark brown matte e/s focusing on the outer part of the eye,blending inwards following the hollow of your eye socket(1/4 of the outer eye)
4.Highligh your brow bones.

5.line your upper and lower lashlines
6.Retouch any harsh areas..

anyway before i move on to the why i hate MAC foundies here's some random photos.

Ice Monsters brownie GOOD!!

then we went to Bench(clothing company) since they're on sale i bought myself a pair of pants..look at my shirt...bought this from Pammy ^^. Mr R liked it..dont mind my bloated tummy ahaha.i LOVE wearing shorts.i can move freely with them.

and this is the pants that i bought.i got those love handles from my momma,its like a mark i cant remove since birth ahaha...=D,my Lil R tried to open the fitting room's door.

and since there were lots of kids wearing a cute monster costumes...Lil R got one himself as well.My lil Warlock.

and now for my why i hate mac rantings...i bought a mac studio fix powder foundation last week and i used it just this morning,its not my first time using this one,i owned one a few years back but decided to let it go cause it broke me out..knowing that experience..i still bought it again and gave it another skin was well before we went to the mall,right before we left the mall i saw a little redness on my right cheek and a small bump,when i looked on the mirror but thought it was just a mosquito bite,then right after i washed my face i saw this marks...(blurred out)

and some more on the right cheek...they're not itchy..i can feel 2 bumps and i think that its going to turn cystic..

i hate mac foundations!!ugh!!it was so dumb of me to let it touched my face again...though MSFs went well with me.their Foundations such as this one clogs and irritates my skin.

i wonder why...this is the only product that doesnt do well with my skin..and my skin isnt sensitive to start this means that "EXPENSIVE DOESNT MEAN THAT IT'LL SUIT YOUR SKIN" its just a matter of finding your Holy grails..and this Mac foundation is definitely NOT mine to keep.

and here is a shot of Me and Lil R...haha..he's sooo adorable...hey..Mom talking here. =D agree eigh?..his smile reminds me of his father's...i call it the "No Eyes Smile" hehe..

so thats it gals thanks for visiting have a nice day and don't forget to give respect to your departed loved ones...XOXO
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Product Review:Naris UP Acmedica Medicated Mild Foam Wash

Thursday, October 29, 2009

hello dearies,im back!well actually i never just here again for another Skin Care Review,i was not able to write or post because ive been playing with my Template...and i was so amused that i forgot to backup my template....haha..i got dizzy changing those Css codes,okay so enough about that...Remember my post on My Sasa hauls(mr R)..the naris up acmedica foam wash captured my attention since i love anything that is recommended for sensitive skins,even though my skin is really not that sensitive,since this is for people who are prone to acnes i guess this will be a good mild facial wash for everyday use.

Product Description:
naris Up Acmedica Medicated Mild Foam Wash can lather into rich and gentle foam. It provides gentle deep cleansing and also leaves skin feel soft and smooth.

The amino acids contained helps to effectively lock up skin moisture, preventing the formation of acne.
Naris Up Acmedica Medicated Mild Foam Wash is fragrance and coloring free.

how to use it
Put some onto palm, apply and massage over your wet face, then rinse with water.

this product came from japan....

Pump Dispenser with a cap~very hygienic to me ..i love the packaging ^_^.plus the flowers looks so cute

i never thought that the product itself was a foam...i thought that "Foam" pertains to foamy-er lathering...haha!.anyway you have to get this amount for you to have a nice lather,if not then its as if you didnt use any facial wash while washing,so you tend to pump more,and also i notice that you'll get more foam when you have less water on your face..,so be sure to get a nice foamy lump in one pump.

okay so here is my face before the routinely face the Coastal Scents Gel liner,its very messy for me to take off gel liners when washing..

after i wash my oily residue,no gunk,no more eye shadows,and just a small rubbed hints of the liner on my lower eye part,well im used to that,most facial cleansers that i used made me look like a crying raccoon..the cleanser is odorless so less chemical ingr.

and my skin felt soft,refreshed,and smooth~i also love how clean my face smells after.See how nice it cleansed my skin..and since ive been using this one for almost a month or so..i can attest to its quality,never dried out my skin even if i use it everyday..actually i made this my special cleanser,good for those days when my skin is acting up with nasty pop outs.

  • inexpensive!
  • odorless
  • very mild
  • good for sensitive/acne/oily skin(ANY SKINTYPE)
  • Skin felt SMooth and soft after
  • comes in 200ml size
  • nice packaging(so cute)
  • good for everyday use
  • did not broke me out/irritated my skin
  • skin feels CLEANSED and REFRESHED(some cleansers that i used did not gave me this kind of afterwash finish )
  • skin feels moistened
  • not locally available
  • some people may find it so~so(especially if you re used to high end skin prods)
  • hard to get a nice foamy lather at first(since im not used to foam cleansers)
Overall..I DO RECOMMEND this product!..this is a good cleanser for everyday use,that is good for any skin type,For the price it passed my expectations with flying Rainbows..

do you have any special cleanser?share it with us in the comment section pls ^_^..

So thats it thanks for visiting dearies,stay safe god bless XOXO
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Sweet Goods For Mr.R~Mirens Dessert Express~

Monday, October 26, 2009
so this is the goods that i was telling you about.....sweet goodies!!...I've been so curious about this site on multiply...mirens dessert express...all the baked goodies looks so yummy!!but they are too beautiful and too cute to eat!!hehe.i think it was 4 days before Mr. R's birthday i submitted an order form...for the chocolate cream cheese squares in regular 15's,and a big chocolate chip oatmeal cookie....anyway let the picture do the rest of the talking.. 
see how big the cookie is???and how cute my 2 boys are....they are my happiness by the way..
lil r singing..while Mr R tries to keep lil r's hands off the goodies.
for the big cookies its size is 8 inches,and to my surprise its not burnt at all..i thought it'll be dry and fragile,but its not.the letters were made of raisins,you can taste those big melted chunks of chocolate....the sweet message is for free...this message is from lil r..he calls Mr. R. "PARE KOI!"...a tagalog term for "buddy,pal"
and this is the chocolate cream cheese squares....the sweet message costs 5 php,face toppers(15php)....the taste??..sooooo goood!!..this is a one chewy brownie,the cream cheese adds a little zing on the lot.the thing that i like about this dessert is that its sweetness is just right,its not the im already fed up with its sweetness kind of taste that i usually get with some sweets...i love to eat the brownies first then the cream cheese..=D i like to eat it little by little,that way i can enjoy its taste.
but in my Lil r's case...well just look how happy he was when Mr R opened the box.
Lil R resisting the goodie....well he tried...
and then...while me and Mr R.finished our hugs and cuddles we caught lil handed...i mean literally "red handed" and lips too..
Mr R's face topper..i sent them a sketch just like this one,a cartoon face of Mr R;it did somehow resembles him,ei?..curly hair,chinky eyes.,his eyes looks so anime-ish when he smiles...
see?that's what i like about him ^_^,well one of them....
he gave me the topper and made me eat it..he told me "you can have it,since i am yours,you can eat me".with his smirking face.....sounds so..Pg 18..
My lil R..grabbed the box' cover and smiled at me saying "mommy!!! hello!! mommy"..a sign that he's happy with what he ate.see those red drool..haha.icky Lil r. and i am a happy camper!!!since they enjoyed the goodies.a simple and inexpensive gift that will not only make your love one feel appreciated,but will also give their mouth and your relationship the right taste of sweetness
have a nice day everyone ^_^ keep the love flowing and it doesn't have to be expensive for you to be able to make someone happy..its your effort,a simple way and act of thoughtfulness is all you need.i am so happy ^_^. take care guys.

next stop:java cupcakes:
(photo courtesy of miren's site)
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hi people!!happy Monday!!lets all start our weekdays with a good smile ^_^ and ill start my weekdays with a FOTD post =p. hehe..yesterday was Mr R's birthday.I had to wake up at 7 am to get my present for him...its not the expensive perfume that he's been wanting ever since..(i cant find it in stores anymore...he told me himself that it was a limited edition one..).anyway before i start my regular rambling again here is a FOTD pic tut ^_^:

simple,fresh,classy look ^_^

Eyes~purples!i love purples!!its very wearable.

here is my pic tut ^_^:

1.i applied my base:careline platinum cream shadow stick
2.a periwinkle-ish shade(coastal scents)
3.apply that on the inner half of the lid(pat it)
4.apply it on the outer half of the lid blend it just above the crease line..(its the shade below the periwinkle-ish eyeshadow from coastal scents(light sky blue)

5.purple eyeshadow
6.apply that on the outer area defining your outer V.blend just above the crease line halfway over the eye.
7.get your highlighter/apply liner(upper and lower lashline)
8.curl lashes and apply mascara.(optional..shimmery highlight on the inner corners of the eyes.(elf all over cover stick-pink lemonade)

Finished eye...

9.flatana bb cream on my face.
10.smooth it in until its perfectly blended.
11.ellana minerals finishing powder.
12.dab it on your face to seal in the BB cream.

apply your blush!!(i use loreal blush delice in peaches and harmony topped with mac love rock with a stippling brush)

finished face:a very natural blush.

forgot my lips ^_^ i just bit them ^_^rawr!

my messy nail not good at applying my base...though i find them very cute!.

rambling...ready.....set.. go.....!!.

since he is the kind of person who's not into material was hard for me to find him a gift..he doesn't collect anything,i was thinking of clothes..but he already have a closet full of those,shoes...he's not into that for me,its always the thought that counts...i gave him something that would satisfy him,and Lil r...though he came home late..3 hours late than i expected...we still went to church to give thanks and ate our dinner outside...after that we went home and then...i gave him his goods...

and i will be posting the goods just a little later coz i will be making a review about how great it was!..this is me about to wash my face ^_^...i always wash my face just before i change my clothes.
hope you ladies like my simple clean look ^_^...i love reading your comments, whether its a compliment or not,i do appreciate all of that's it guys thanks for visiting and have a nice day! xoxoxo.
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How to:Find out What causes BlackHeads,WhiteHeads,Acnes and remedies

Saturday, October 24, 2009

(photo taken from google)

hello ladies and gentlemen~here is a post concerning people who suffers from those unwanted pop outs in our face..blackheads,whiteheads,and pimple,i know that if not all of us then majority of our population must have had one of those three..and since i myself am one of those people who suffers from this,ive searched a lot of articles and books regarding the Hows,the whys and the whats about them...this post is made on my own understanding of the articles that i have seen,and lectures from my past professors,no copy pasted sentence.this is how i understand them,so its not scientifically defined..

Blackheads...this is also known as open comodones..they are those who have a wider opening,clogged hair follicles by sebum,excessive oils that have been formed in the sebaceous gland another one is our dead skins,you can see that they have those black head like popping out that affixed underneath our pores..the head appears black because it is exposed thus it it doesnt turn black because of DIRT..,basically it has a yellowish-amber-ish color (unexposed part) due to melanin ...a substance that can be found in our skin,one of its purpose is skin pigmentation....

blackheads are formed because of::
excessive oil production
uncleansed skin(dead skins are formed and accumulated)
topical creams..

so this are basically anything that we put on our face that can or may clog our pores..

also known as close comodones...they are those who have closed pores which got clogged by sebums,cellulaar fragments.etc..since it is closed a comodones there is no oxidization,so it looks yellowish-white,we often call this as MILIA,when the skin gets thicker ,it'll be blocked in our epidermis layer...

excessive oil production
uncleansed skin(dead skins are formed and accumulated)
topical creams..

so this are basically anything that we put on our face that can or may clog our pores..

these two are the first part of acne or pimple formation...when either of these two were irritated most probably it'll develop into a you ask?

over cleansing,exfoliating..(our skin will need to compensate thus reflex over activity of sebaceous gland takes place..)
anything that can irritate the comodones
Stress...due to chemical/hormonal imbalance.

Ways to Remove/lessen Comodones:
2.Benzoyl peroxide
3.Use of Oil Free Moisturizer(for oily skin)
4.avoid touching your face with dirty hands.
6.extract it!...but be sure to avoid pinching it with your own might scar or worst turn into pimple..steam your face prior toe extraction to open up pores
7.Avoid wearing heavy makeups everyday..
8.the less facial product the better...

obviously even if we did managed to remove then,they tend to come ive said its because we usually incorporate its cause in our everyday routine..especially those with oily just be sure to have a frequent way to remove those nasty comodones...!!

hope this is somewhat informative to some of you ^_^.thanks for visiting xoxo.

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aicha with her first giveaway!!!

aicha with her first giveaway!!!hello ladies..aicha of "if i am not myself,who will" is holding a giveaway right now up until oct 30..there are 3 mechanics....below are the giveaways info.

First of all this is a Philippine-only giveaway, so I am mighty sorry for my friends who live outside my country. I really don't have enough to fork over for the shipping fee. But if you're from outside the country but you can provide me with a Philippine address (friends/relatives that can send you this little package) then by all means, I strongly encourage you to enter!
Giveaway ends on OCTOBER 30 12:00mn you guys! I hope I have at least 8 people who will join. I WILL DRAW THE WINNER VIA RANDOM.ORG IF I CAN LEARN HOW TO USE IT! HAHAHAH. I will announce the winner the very next day.

1. Follow me!
2. Post a this giveaway on your blog (nothing really fancy, just a little line along with your regular blog post is already awesome to encourage people to join in on the fun
looking for number 3? click the link above and visit her blog!!

thanks aicha !!
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Suush!!!!!! GIVEAWAY!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

ms maui of makeup rants musings and more is having a giveaway up until october 31!!she's doing this to give thanks for her followers,readers,etc..including me!!hehehe.=p.anyway below are the giveaways mechanics taken from ms maui's blog.

1. Leave a comment to this post and tell me what is ONE product you cant live without and WHY
2. Repost this on your blog and leave the link as a comment
3. If you want additional entries, subscribe to my blog via email or follow me on twitter (1 entry each) but this is optional

This is open to my followers from the Philippines and anyone in the world who wants to join :D

Please read and follow the instructions, I will check :) The giveaway will run until the end of the month. I will reveal the winners on November 1, 2009 (odd date I know) So you have until October 31 12 midnight to join.

Whats up for grabs?

thank you ms maui!!!^_^
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here i go again..i made an eye look that can be worn perfectly on Night parties,Dinner Dates,etc..=D..Since there will be no busy school days for me now,i can blog more often than my usual every other 3 days posting..anyway products that i used is listed below the first photo

  • monistat anti-chaffing gel-primer
  • estee lauder pencil cream eyeshadow-blue
  • coastal scents 88 matte palette(shades of blue,and black e/s)
  • la colors metallic eyeshadow(soiree)
  • coastal scents gel liner (black)
  • estee lauder more than mascara(black)
  • falsies(unknown brand)

adding falsies does make your eyes more awake or dramatic,it did change my eyes' overall appearance,i wasn't planning on having my falsies since its not my field of expertise...but i think i did well ei?

and not only that..look how long these falsies cool!!!.my eye shadows were barely managed to cover the lids..=D

so i had to look down...=D.

another down gaze shot..i forgot to apply shimmers on my inner corners..

this is not a valid FOTD..haha.this is a no face make up moment...i just want you to see how the shadows looks like from afar..

and look..this is the watch i was telling you about...the "Harajuku Digital Subway Black watch"..harajukus are just so adorable..i think gwen stefani is somewhat connected to this harajuku collection,aside from her "harajuku girls song"..

its a Velcro strap on watch type..what i like about this one is that it has an alarm clock,chrono,timer,calendar,LED,etc.

and i fell in love with the colorful harajuku prints on the strap,plus its good to have a sporty type watch..and its CUTE!!!!my son loves clicking those buttons,i feel like a teen again when i'm wearing this one..

So CUTE!!right!and it doesn't feel heavy!i want to collect the other harajuku designs..but they are kinda expensive so..i think ill settle with only this one for now.How about you?do you adore the harajuku's collection as well?

thanks for visiting ^_^
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