UPDATES:MR.R's HK trip,gifts plus update on my weight..

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

hello ladies!^_^..its been raining for days...darn..good thing we had a long weekend vacation.anyway..remember the post where Mr went out for a trip to HK..well he's back!..i gave him some sasa list that i want...unfortunately he only bought 3 of the 6..of course i cant complain..i dont want to sound so ungrateful..it was so sweet of him to search 7 sasa stores and bonjour..hehe..he did bought me something to compensate to those unbought things in the list..another sweetness factor that made me blushed...here are some of the things that he bought.

SANA nameraka honpo essence/naris up acmedica medicated foam wash(oily /sensi skin)

he also got me a cute butterfly powder case..and a minnie mouse pink shirt..so cute..
and look my own dariya!!..yey..his brother and him were wondering what the hell is this thing..hehe..
and here is the compensatory gift he bought me..a necklace...and a pair of earrings...(im wearing it on the last pic.)
what i love about this necklace is that,it has a rabbit emblem on the pendant(front),and a chinese inscription which i cant understand on the back...he told me that this is for goodluck..*awwwww*

and by the way whats up with the price tags on HK..most of them are soo expensive..shirts,foods,salons....they told me they went to ocean park and i asked how much did it cost you..300HK$ ..ooh....okay..

and i was severely!...cutting down my food intake!...i rarely eat rice..but i eat a lot of coco crunch ahahah...the last time i weigh myself i was 134 pounds,i think that was a week ago...i did lost some pounds..compared to my last post here here is my latest photo taken this morning..

so thats it guys..thanks for visiting if you any questions regarding this post dont fret to leave a comment.thanks and stay safe.XOXO.

7 Beauty Bag Lovers:

Louie said...

ooh yeah you did lost weight girl. we're in the same page haha nagpapayat..kanin talaga daling magpataba :C ..good job shobe i love it!!

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

ehhehe.uu kanina talaga salarin...samahan mo ng sangkatutak ng stress at problema..papayat ka talaga hehehe.

Ida said...

i thought you were going with your hubby to hk? ang cute nung mga pasalubong nya :) you do look like you've lost weight. sana ako rin, pumayat na hehe.


sasa is looove...

hay nako si hubby sabi ko dumaan ng sephora sa states visit niya. titingnan daw niya. hmp. :p

your hubby is so sweet! :D

*Nehs* said...

wow! sexay!!!

twinsouls888 said...

Wow nice gifts, ang sarap pa naman ng feeling pag may pasalubong ^_^

Nag diet ka rin pala girl hehe pareho tayo ^_^. Pero ako diet lang pag gabi pag breakfast at lunch, heavy eater ako ^_^. Pag gabi oatmeal lang.

Louie said...

p.s waa i like your goodies from loveydude ..cute bag yan pla yun nasa facebook profile picture hihi :D

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