typhoon Ondoy~lets pray for our countrymen.

Sunday, September 27, 2009
hi guys and gals..okay this post was not planned but since rain keeps on pouring down our land,i just cant ignore the fact that this is not your regular/ordinary rain...i just watched the news regarding the damages that Typhoon Ondoy left us,although its still ongoing i think it has reached its peak of destruction,and what we are experiencing right now(sunday) until Monday will not be as destructive as it was yesterday...well at least i hope so..

Typhoon Ondoy is currently the Philippines worst typhoon that caused massive floods in Manila for over 20 years!!....and it was said that it is much stronger than Katrina..almost all of us knew what Hurricane Katrina did,a lot of people died and got injured..houses fell down,trees swept out of its roots.tides as high as a building etc.it was terrifying to see that it was happening here in my country..here is a picture of how the typhoon looks via satellite..

it almost managed to masked the whole country(Philippines)..its huge..imagine that..i wasn't able to see updates of this,not until now...not because i dont care..frankly the whole area where i live was out of cellphone coverage,cellphones were down..powers were down as well,for 12 hours or so.Me,Mr R. and Lil R slept with no electrical thingamabob or whatsoever,Mr R and me managed to give comfort to Lil R,we fanned him with a large card board,we took turns until the sun went up..ZzzZZZzz..Well at least for us that's the worst part,we barely noticed what has happened outside our comfort zone..well as soon as i click the TV i saw a lot of stranded citizens,cars floating,frozen bodies due to mud slide and flash floods.None of it is good news to me.i saw this site which shows pictures of how ondoy flooded the country..CLICK ME..

it gave us a month worth of rain in just 6 hours or so..a lot of people are still stranded and missing due to the typhoon,good thing is that good Samaritans from everywhere are helping not only financially but they voluntarily let themselves in by helping packed relief goods...look at how deep the flood is.

so as soon as the power went up i felt i needed to let the others know how destructive this typhoon was..but overlooking that calamity some of us still managed to reach out their hands to give help to those who needs them..below are some sites that tackles about typhoon ondoy

lets pray for those who died,for those people who are still struggling to live,for those who felt the typhoons wrath,and for those courageous rescuers..

you can help them through donations below are some institutions/site/etc where you can donate:

  • Philippine National Red Cross: Text REDAMOUNT to 2899 (Globe) or 4483 (Smart)
  • TXTPower (for people abroad): You can donate thru PayPal.
  • TXTPower thru Smart Money: send funds to 5577-5144-1866-7103
  • TXTPower thru GCash: send GCash to 0917-9751092
  • GMA Kapuso Foundation: 982-7777 loc. 9904
  • Citizens Disaster Response Center: Relief goods can be dropped off at 72-A Times St., West Triangle, Quezon City
  • Tulong Kabataan: Relief goods can be dropped off at Kabataan Partylist Headquarters, 118-B Scout Rallos, Kamuning, Quezon City
  • Bayanihan Filipino Community Center (for people in NY): send your donations at Bayanihan Filipino Community Center, 40-21 69th St, Woodside NY 11377

anyway..for my update..well im quite busy..it was our foundation day last week and i was one of the sports facilitator..ive been missing out on my blog life..haha..and i saw a lot of our lovely ladies contest..i want to congratulate those who won.!!!so that's it for now..toodalooo.XOXOXO..


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*Nehs* said...

yeah, let's pray for our countrymen. :(

we don't have power electricity for like 20 hours cuz of the typhoon. :(((

pero mas kawawa yung iba nating kababayan. hays..

thriszha said...

oh lets pray for our country man... im really worried when i heard the new on TFC.. im just thankful that my family in PH are safe... rain rain go away..!!

Stacieee said...

As I said to *Nehs*, your friends and families are in my prayers. Your country will get through this <3

Jbreezybaby said...

soo nice of you to share all these information about donations! Are you serious??? Theres another one comin??? Oh no :/ If that happens, I dunno how its gona be like this coming Christmas for all of you. I've seen houses of my former classmates being flooded by the hurricane.its ridiculous!I hope you and your family are safe there. take care shobe.

Ida said...

what's happening is so scary. i'm glad you're safe sis! i posted something similar on my blog :)

john said...

We need to go out and try to help ondoy victims fast.

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