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Friday, September 11, 2009
hello there ladies..its been raining like crazy this past few days..i was sick for 2 days as well..i was puking stuff for the past nights..my abdomen hurts..people said that i might be pregnant..huwaaaat!!!???..h.he.i dont think soo..anyway i was tagged by the ever so sweet ladies..Ms.Thiamere, and Ms.Joanna..about my daily makeup skincare routine..im so sorry if it took so long for me to post this..i did it as soon as i received the tag but i forgot to click publish..i dont wear a lot of make up when im at school..i like keeping it simple,fast and short.hehe.so anyway here goes:

skin care

  • naris Up foam wash
  • sana nameraka honpo essence
  • neutrogena spf 15 moisurizer or aveeno sunblock(notshown)

  • cyleina BP(not shown)
  • braggs apple cider vinegar diluted with water
  • emu oil
  • sana nameraka honpo essence.

once/twice a week..special skin care..

  • Emu oil
  • legere serum
  • garnier blemish pen
  • aztec indian healing clay mask(i use this as a spot treatment as well/works great!)..mixed with acv.


of courser after i apply my sunblock/moisturizer..this follows.
  • flatana bb cream..(i use this because of its natural finish and oil control,oh and its cheaper compared to missha and legere hehe)
  • VnM lip balm
  • elf duo cream eyeshadow in butter pecan..
  • neutrogena fine fainer UV compact.
  • curler and retractable flat top.

when i feel like lining my eyes i either use the stila smudge pot in bronze or the gel liner in black.

not much eih??its nice to keep it less or much better none at all..to let our skin breathe..and below is a random picture of me wearing Mr R's minnie mouse chinese collared shirt.hehe.
im tagging:

have a nice day guys thanks for visiting!!

7 Beauty Bag Lovers:

Anonymous said...

wow lahat ng skincare stuff mo wala sa drugstore lol galing! i wanted to try emul oil and apple cider vinegar .pwedeng ba suka na lang lol.. eh what is your exfoliator ?

twinsouls888 said...

tnx for the tag shobe appreciate it a lot ^_^

Kay said...

sis shobe.. i saw that u have apple cider vinegar and the aztec thingy for your skin care routine..

can u do a post about how u actually use it and what it's for? If you have time lang dear..

it's just so interesting.. thanks :)

Jbreezybaby said...

yaaaay u did the tag! apple cider vinegar? talaga?? what does it do? inggit ako sa skin mo shobs, ang kinis hehe. im not kidding, you really do have a nice porcelain skin. do you have any secrets?? hehe

oOchaOo said...

hello! the aztec clay masks really looks interesting :) where did you got yours sis? <3

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

@joanna-yeah!suka!!ahaha..it shrinks pores its good for cleansing..i also use this sa hair to clean kasi minsan i have dandruff due to stress..its good kasi organic.

Cha-hello i got mine sa Healthy Options.it cost 400+ something php.no more than 500 php..its a big tub..it has a lot of benefits too.can be used to clean wounds..its a powder clay so you still have to mix it with water or the Apple cider vinegar(i prefer this)..and its organic too..

Khymm said...

hehe. thanks for the tag sis! will try to do this soon.. =)

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