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Sunday, September 06, 2009
hello there ladies...its been a while since i posted something beauty related hehe..ive noticed that one of my followers unfollowed me already..dont know what the reason was,but hey no worries..and exam week is finally over!!.so anyways here is a product review on the very famous inguinal topical care turned beauty primer...the monistat chafing relief powder gel

its a gel in a mother-in-law sent this to us..and i never did care what this was and stocked it up in the drawer..then i saw a guru in youtube used it,so i got intrigued and used it as well..first i was doubtful because i was too afraid to put creams intended "DOWN THERE" in my "UP THERE"..but i was so curious on what a primer is..and decided to give it a go..

here is the gel..the smell is very relaxing...
thick!!..ive used this one for 4 times..its a so so primer...although i dont like wearing primers cause it clogs up my make up lasts for 5 hours...but as i have mentioned i dont like wearing face primers such as this one..

semi blended in my you blend it,it dries up,and it felt like a smooth powder finish..
active ingredient:DIMETHICONE...dimethicone is a form of silicone...well silicone serves as a barrier between our sebum and our makeup..dimethicone can also be found in several high end primers...that is why some MUA considered using this one because of its dimethicone content.

well if you are interested on using this as an inguinal ointment...this is not intended for yeast infection...whats good is that this is also non irritating...
since i dont like face primers...i tried using this one as my eye primer...and....for the past pictures that youve seen me..this is the primer that i mostly here is a sample picture of how this product works as an eye primer..

i used an e/s brush to apply the powders...3 swatches on the area with no monistat on,and 1 swatch on the area with the monistat,i actually just dab it..

normal lighting(left-w/ monistat----right-w/o)

dark room with flash:(left----w/monistat------right-w/o)

*the shadows i used belongs to the coastal scent matte palette...and this is the most faint and chalkiest e/s on the lot(well at least in my palette)...

see how bold the colors turned out to be...i really like its finish..since it makes my e/s application easier cause of its smooth finish,thus less effort in blending,and less eye tugging...its cheap..too!!!..

  • smooth base finish
  • Cheaper than smashbox photofinish
  • can be used as an e/s base.
  • love the smell!!.
  • a little goes a long way(for the eyes)
  • did not break me out(but if you use it everyday,like i did,it might clog your pores)
  • my e/s did not crease!!!!(i have oily lids,a little dry on the brow bone area)
  • my e/s lasts for the whole day..

  • not locally available in my country
  • its an average primer for me..but i like it as an e/s primer..
  • it might break you out if you use it everyday(even high end primers may clog your pores if used everyday)

so that is it ladies!!thanks for visiting my blog and stay sweet happy and safe!!!..take care guys have a nice day!! xoxoxo

5 Beauty Bag Lovers:

~tHiAmErE~ said...

im thinking of buying this too but i refrain from doing so because i am suffering from acne & to use a primer might make my acne worse...

its nice to know that works as an eye primer for you

-L- said...

Great review and pictures! Check out some of my favorite products: here

Chrissy said...

I still have to try this sometime!!
Thanks for the review.

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting this. i just bought some and will try it under eyeshadow tomorrow morning.

The Makeup said...

great review! I just bought this, nice to hear others thoughts!!

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