My First Konad Experience...

Sunday, August 02, 2009
okay so i already said that i bought the Konad stamp kit although i did not bought it in a set..i bought it per item..which i think makes it more expensive..dumb me...anyway if you buy the starter set which contains the (stamper,scraper,plate + 1 white polish) that costs 530 php.(10. $ something),i bought 1 scraper and stamp(160 php/3. $ dot dot dot) 2 plates(each plate costs 208php/4. $ dot dot dot),1 special nail polish(small)(180 php/3. $ dot dot dot),1 regular nail polish(120+ something php(i think)/2. $ dot dot dot).all in all the total was 870+ something..(almost 20$).i should have bought their set which has 3 special polish and 2 plates.

anyway putting that aside,i love love love the konad,since i dont have a sturdy hands,though i wish i have,i usually dont do my own nails.i envy the very talented Thiamere of on beauty stuff and what else's.and after the tragic that has happened to me i cant entrust my nails to another person anymore..i am afraid harhar.So i decided to buy konad,and eventhough im not that good at painting my nails prettifying them isnt that hard with Konad..but since i am a novice in using konad,my nails isnt as pretty as i want them to be.anyway here are some konad-ish look from a novice like me..i wish i bought the larger nail designs hehe.

see how noob i am at painting my nails even the base looks untidy,

another getting better at stamping since the image shows up as a whole,not unlike my first stamps it looked like i have decapitated the hands or parts of the image.

the polishes that i used were not from KoNad.Base..Bobbie snow flakes(glaze),chic white,Stamp image-Bobbie dark red,sally hansens(poppy)

and look at the mess i made..hehe.this was supposed to be my Lil r's potty =D

random pics!!!! mwuah thanks ladies!!go buy your konad now!!
so thats it thanks for visiting my blog!have a nice day ladies

8 Beauty Bag Lovers:

- - aika - - said...

san mo binili to sis inggit ako

☆Anastacia☆ said...

Such a nice haul! So amazing stamps!

And btw, thanq for enter in my giveaway!
Good luck!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

don't worry it will just take time..
im pretty sure you'll be able to put it neater...

natawa naman ako dun sa potty trainer ng baby mu..hehe


don't's big..
its the same size with LA Colors

Anonymous said...

wow nice ang ganda at last lol konad matagal ko nang nababasa shobe nagusto mo magkaron nyan ..hirap magdesign talga.. now i want one ..

mia said...

wow.. so cute nails and they are lovely. hehe... Konad sound fun!

SwatchCrazee said...

i love konad but i need more practice, u'll get used to it dont worry!

Kay said...

ooohh.. where did u get it sis?
i soo want one now..

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

thanks for the lovely comment people sent u all a messgae mwuah

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