Missing Bejewelled Hair accessory + Food+ Nail art

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

hi everyone...pouring rain again here in my place..i was very irritated yesterday night because i was trying to find my hair scrunchie which i had for almost 2 years...huhu.i cant find it.i have 3 of them 1 is missing..anyway here are some of my hair piece with jewels attached on them..

see how they sparkle pretty right and i lost one!darn!!!

this are pretty as well i have 4 of this but i gave the other one away and the last one i kinda use it everyday and it looks like ahmm..disaster.gege

so anyway i was up until 12 am trying to do my nails again..why am i doing my nails at that time you ask?..hey i am enjoying it so what the heck..and i am proud to say that i am getting better!!.this time i used the konad base coat and the special nail polish in red..i used the bobbie polish to stamp the butterfly though..

i also added green dots using a pusher..
when Mr R.came home he bought me a pasta from Chef D angelo he knew that i love pesto and ive been craving for it but cannot find any resto near our house to buy one..hehe.He's so sweet...

the garlic bread was yummy..Lil R liked them

their pesto was kinda dry..i know it doesnt have to be saucy and all...but its not as wet as the pesto i had in spaghetti house..and i dont like that they did not even sliced the garlic..haha.

so that was it.thanks ladies for reading this post and have a nice day guys!

5 Beauty Bag Lovers:

Sherry said...

wow.. love the nails!

Anonymous said...

shobe natawa ako yung tungkol sa bawang ng pasta... haha!!

pero gusto ko yung pizza ng chef d angelo.

haha! hindi ko pa rin makalimutan yung bawang!

twinsouls888 said...

nakakagutom naman ang food ^_^

BTW, I tagged you (It's a picture tag). Pls. check my blog about it. Tnx ^_^

~tHiAmErE~ said...

nagiimprove na ung manicure skills mu ah!
nice nmn..
konti na lang,sis!

Anonymous said...

wow nagutom ako tuloy haha nyek pareho kami ng comment ni twinsouls .eh sa yun agad ang naramdam ko eh lol .wow buti pa si son mo gusto na may garlic. di sya picky no?

i envy at your nails kikay na kikay waaaa. :(

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