A Local BB cream store + BB cream dilemma.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009
okay i am having a dilemma on what will i buy,both bb creams have good reviews and they are mostly alike i went to Wang Lai Mart yesterday to look for the bb cream myself.they have Legere White Multi BB cream and Brtc wrinkle and whitening bb cream...all i want is a BB cream that has a good Oil Control,and smooth Finish.

Anyway yesterday i went to wang lai mart its beside HAPCHAN restaurant near banawe corner linao street its your ordinary chinese mart who sells different Hello Kitty stuff shoes,random things like doraemon..I was looking for their BB cream but i cant find it,i think they should shelf it out/display the product,just because there are some customers who are shy enough not to ask about the product.I asked the girl who was in the counter if they do sell BB creams and she grabbed something down the counter and handed me 3 products which is the legere,Brtc,and legere silk essence,i reached out and looked at the bb creams and i asked if they have Brtc Gold caviar,but the SA said that the only bb cream that they have is legere and brtc,i talked to the lady since she was so nice on answering my queries,she even made a call just to ask how much is the legere essence was,but the line was busy haha.To make the story short i will be getting my bb creams from them,since they sell it at such a good price,the best price i have seen so far.The seller is very accommodating too,you can ask her korean products that you want and she can pre order it for you.If you guys are interested you can visit them:

store name: Wang Lai Mart

store address: 876-D Banawe Street Barangay Siena, Quezon City (beside Hapchan Restaurant)

open hours: Monday to Saturday / 9:30 am – 9:00 pm

or she can deliver the product to you through shipping!

disclaimer:i am not being paid by anyone,i just wanted to share this great find,i know you guys know how hard it is to find a local bb cream seller so here it is now ^_^

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twinsouls888 said...

yay, tnx so much for this post. I will buy the L'egere for sure but not this month hehe meron pa me iba priorities baka next month ^_^. I've heard good reviews about it na ok for oily skin. tnx for this post girl ^_^

~tHiAmErE~ said...

goodluck in deciding what bb cream you'll choose..
i think its a little bit hard

i ordered their samples e.
wanna check out kc kung anung shade ang kkunin ko

Askmewhats said...

that's a great find! wonderful for you to share these info :)

Sush said...

Ive always wanted to try those BB creams. I dont think they have one that would suit my coloring though hehe

GirLWithGLasses said...

sister shobe!

if in the future makakuha ka niyang any product nila. pahingi ng review ha. wala kasi akong alam sa mga bb cream.

Emily said...

thanks for this great post check out this other bb cream on my blog :] http://ohwowsorandom.blogspot.com/2009/07/beauty-product-review-shills-perfect.html#comments

*Nehs* said...

wee... thanks for the site shobe! they have beauty blender sponge!!! i've been lemming for that!! thanks thanks!

Kay said...

super thanks for sharing this.. :)

I wanna check out their store now na..

Anonymous said...

Hi! gusto ko pumunta sa store nila, pero pano way ko kapag galing akong welcome rotonda? malapit lang ung banawe dun diba? pero di ko na kasi alam pag nandun nako sa banawe ang alam ko lang dun ung mang inasal na tapat ng mcdo e.

Camille(SHOBE) said...

hi sis pag galing ka ng rotonda sakay ka hangang banawe dirediretso lang naman na un pag sumakay ka ng banawe pa delmonte,sabihin mo nalang baba ka sa banawe hapchan

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