Legere BB cream's First impression.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

hi ladies!.so ive been using legere bb cream for 4 days now and its been good to me,so here is my first impression on the product: (CLICK PHOTOS TO ENLARGE...PORES...AHAH)

bare face:if you click the photo you will see some discoloration,due to tret.

legere bb cream looks dark but it turns light when you blend it out.
of course i apply it by dotting the cream on my face. see the redness on my face...this is a good time to try how this bb cream conceals redness.
semi blended...
this is the bb cream on me after i blend it out completely.
10 minutes...redness gone!!!

this is 20 minutes after i have the bb cream on,less dewy-er.

and here is me after 1o hours..no powder touch ups,i only used blotting paper twice,dont mind the pose...haha i was tired...you can see the redness again...it cant be helped...cause i used my tretinoin cream and i was exposed to the sun...=p
to make it short i like it!!.but i want to see how it will do after 2 weeks,cause usually some of the bb creams that i used have changed after using it for more than 2 weeks,yeah..their performance depletes..their not as flamboyant as the first time i used them.but its still good.and im talking about their oil control,which is an important factor for me.No break outs,considering the fact that ive been using this while i was exposed to the sun,and the weather was very humid and hot.

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Askmewhats said...

I love Legere too and it really works! I just alternate it because I have dry skin and I find this turned out super matte :)

Tish said...

Hmm... Looks good so far. I'll wait for your follow up in two weeks :)

Elsa said...

it does cover redness... awwww wish its a payday para makapunta na talaga ako dun sis.... ask ko lang po baket ka pa nagtetretinoin? your skin lookes very good naman?

Sherry said...

I saw BB cream here and it cost RM130. not sure which is which as the guy not willing to explain so I just walk away

Anonymous said...

wow the coverage is really good lalong gumaganda kutis mo :D :) anong tretinoin gamit shobe?!

Anonymous said...

ang ganda ng skin mo sister!
mamula mula... i like it... sana magiging maganda pa anf effect ng bb cream na yan sayo...

kumusta na yung ginto?

grabe super busy na ako ngayon. ni hindi na ako makaalis sa kinauupuan ko ngayon.

pero once in a while naman nagbabasa posts ninyo....

miss you... mwah

i changed my domain name please add me :(


~tHiAmErE~ said...

nice nmn

thanks for the review

promising tlg xa a

you look so flawless pa din even without bb cream

Sherry said...

bb cream is getting famous now

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