hello beauty addicts!^_^ remember my last post? i was torn between Brtc and Legere..but i finally gave in..and bought Legere..haha.wanna know why?cause someone already reserved the BRTC BB cream.hehe anyway i want to show you some pics of where i got it and some restos i saw on the way,it'll serve as a guide as well if you are to visit their store.I went there after my Class on the way to my moms house.

since my Mom lives near banawe area i decided to drop by wang lai mart first,i like banawe st. we ate there every sunday when i was a kid at the chinese resto(if im not mistaken) called "Han Pao"
you can see a lot of different asian restaurant at banawe..


and one of them is "HAP CHAN RESTO" this is my mark where i should drop off the vehicle.the sign is sooo big its impossible for you to miss it.

tadah!!some people were wondering " what is this girl thinking..taking a shot of the resto",they kept their eyes on me at that time haha.,and just beside this resto is the wang lai mart..beside the "live seafood now available banner" hahaha

see?never thought that this place would sell bb cream..glad they have it there.

inside;they sell a lot of random stuff!!from stationaries...to doraemon toys.,silverwares,pillows,bedsheets,stickers.etc

and a lot of HK stuffs

shoes too!!.they also have those bejewelled hair accessories hehe and foods!

But i did not went there for those stuff,i went there because if this....To buy myself a Legere BB cream,i added this legere silk essence plus gold simply because i was curious

i opened the legere first and saw this paper..although for me its useless cause i cant read it,i still kept it cause the model is soo pretty!

legere box(back):haha sorry already removed the silver sticker,since this came all the way from taiwan they mustve stamped a sticker written in ???? at the back of the box.

i know i know...you saw this product a thousand times and now its a thousand and one.

now this legere silk essence...i saw this and i got curious and it was sooo darn affordable.and it contains gold...ahaha.oohh gold..

this is whats inside a small vial with a separate nozzle

see the tiny bits of gold?is it gold?..and if some of you are having thoughts...:NO...YOU CANT BRING THIS TO THE PAWNSHOP..

now people if you know what this product is for and how to use it..PLS!!.LET ME KNOW!!LEave Me A commeNT...i cant read what the box says..it has numbers..but the letters are written in korean ..i think..Glad that i can read the product description.

anyway i took all this photos after i bought the BB cream and the silk essence,of course i asked the lady who sold me the Lot's permission first,and by the way the lady there...She is SOOOO PRETTY!!.she look korean(EDIT:scratch that she is pure taiwanese),i asked her "Ms. Can i Take a Picture Of you?" she replied " eeee..,Yung store na lang"while she was blocking her face and smiling...after that i thanked the pretty lady and went to my moms house hehe.


PS:i saw the site of wehaveit43 and they are selling New Prods>>BeautyBlender,and Kevin BeautyMaker BB Mineral Concealing cream...i will have to save my money again, ahaha.RECESSION!

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~tHiAmErE~ said...

how nice
you even showed us a pic of the place

i already ordered a sample from her. i wanted to see kasi kung anung brtc ang mgwwork sakin e.

kya lng mgwwait p ko ng 1 week
pero ok lang meron p nmn ako mga bb cream samples

Ida said...

uuy nice you got the legere. i've read a lot of good reviews about it. kung magttry ako ng bb ream yun gusto ko itry. and the one with the gold flecks looks interesting :D

GirLWithGLasses said...

haha! may gold??? ang sosyal naman niyan!

i'll wait for any kind of review from you ha... especially yung may gold! nakakatawa naman... kapag may nagtanong sayo "wow ang ganda ng kutis mo! anong gamit mo?"

-- "GINTO ! "

probably will visit the store after the bar month...


*Nehs* said...

hope you'll like l'egere shobe! :) i go to the site and inquired about the beautyblender, i wanna try it.

donnarence said...

shobe.. hello eto ngarag mode ako.. waahh.. gusto ko din bumili ng legere.. ubusin ko muna yung missha.. how much yun skin essence?? madami pa bang ibang skin stuffs,, wow

Louie said...

super nice BB cream legere naglalaway na ako dito haha :D. hayyy!!.. pano yun missha mo shobe bebenta mo ba yun?

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

@ donna-skin essence is only 100!! 70 ml is 700,hehe.ngayon ala pa ata pero may darating siyang package alam ko eh

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

@louie-i'll still use it kasi hindi ako nagbreak out sa missha baka mamaya sa legere mag react skin ko knock on wood hehe

neurochiq said...

Hi Shobe, how bout the Legere how much sya? I'll wait for your review ha =)

Elsa said...

OMG! Grabe ngyon ko lang nalaman yang... sna noon pah waaaahhhh!!!! ang lapit lapit lang ng office k jan! banawe rin ako quezon avenue nga lang (sigh!)... thanks girl for sharing this to us...hope i could drop by that store in no time at all!!! hahahah! Gusto ko din nung gold stuff na yan!!!! *wink*

ladyraggedycat said...

Oh hai! Found your site while researching for info on the L'egere silk essence gold. ^^ So far I found out that it's an anti-aging serum and you massage it to your face, like how you would apply serums usually. ^^

Ooh... I haven't been to Wang Lai Mart yet, much less Banawe. Looks cool! :D

Juuya said...

Wow! I never thought that there would be a store selling BB cream here!

I want to go to their store. Unfortunately hindi ako marunong magpunta dun ng commute, hanggang Q> Ave station lang ng MRT ang alam kong puntahan pag gumagala ako from Cavite. :(

rona said...

hi pano po pumunta s store?... i live near in ust and i dont have any idea kung pano pumunta dyan???

pls response po thank you

Camille(SHOBE) said...

hi rona where exactly sa UST is it near sm san lazaro ba if yes,ride ka ng retiro jeep they dumadaan sila usually sa sm san lazaro,then baba ka sa pinaka dulo sa banawe,last stop nila yun,di naman kalayuan,then tawid ka sa bdo,wait for a jeepney,kahit na anong jeepney then follow the landarks like hapchan nasa side siya kung san ka tumawid,

regina said...

hi sis! from philcoa, anong pwedeng sakyan papunta dyan? thanks a lot!

regina said...

hi sis! from philcoa, anong pwedeng sakyan papunta dyan? thanks a lot!

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