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Monday, August 17, 2009

Hello there Mama MIAS!!!its been hmm....4 days 5 days? ...since i made a new post...and ive been an incognito for the past few days reading other blogs posts.anyway yesterday we went to TRINOMA MALL because ive heard that LANIEGE is there,and to watch GI Joe as well.Before that...my face on that day...oh!! and we went to my god daughters christening. ^_^.

Face:Moisturizer with SPF/Legere White Multi BB cream/Neutrogena Fine Fairness Uv Compacr/maybelline Rose blush
Lips:NYX narcissus with home made lipgloss(peach shade)

anyway here are some of my friends...from the left:Tweet,Me,Jelai,Sam..ive known them since highschool ^_^.

and here are some Beauty Stalls that i have visited.


SkinFood..i asked them if they have a sample of aloe bb cream that i can buy or try,because i dont want to spend 1,250php for something that will soon be the cause of me breaking out...she said that they will soon have a sample sachet available but for now they dont have samples...i was hoping that she would give me a sample squeeze in a jar or in a ziplock but..nope...actually i brought my 10g mini jar with me just in case ahaha.The SA was soo not the best SA there was..Snobbish..duh..
This is not a beauty stall...haha..EGG!!! all bags are 20% off
Olay..i am still thinking if i should change my neutrogena moisturizer to olay...but ive seen a lot of reviews saying that it made their skin oilier...is this true?
VMV ..

on 50% off
Loreal...on 20% oFF

Kanebo...i asked the SA if they've seen the Laniege stall..but none of them knew where it was...yeah..i never saw the laniege boutique..boohoo

cute arent they?
so to end this post....i think i deserve a good pose...!!see the 50% off on the back ahaha.

so thats it,sorry if its full of unnecessary pictures but you know how i loved to take you where i went...THANK YOU GUYS FOR VISITING!!.and i am loving the Legere,been using it for 3 days no break outs as of now..i ll be using this for over a week then ill make a review.

8 Beauty Bag Lovers:

Tish said...

Ah! I can't tell you exactly where Laneige is, but it's on that floor where the two Coffee Bean branches are. If my memory serves me right, Laneige is somewhat near the exit to the garden. Sorry Shobe, this is all I can remember

Anonymous said...

hi shobe! ow its good that you are back blogging again.

ito ba ang trinoma? hindi pa kasi ako nakakapasyal don. super layo sa akin yan...

buti naman eh pinasyal mo na naman ako haha!

Askmewhats said...

glad Legere works for yoU :) no breakouts for me too for Legere..

Those are great shots and the glasses looks fun!

mszcheysser said...

Ooh! So how did you like G.I Joe?

Aww! I like the beauty stalls that you went to! Egg was on sale? OMG! I miss going there, haha. Next time, I'm in the Philippines... I wanna check out the Trinoma mall! Looks like an adventure of shopping in there =] Thanks for sharing dear!

Angie said...

Heehee, Trinoma is the mall I hang out at most because it's so close to school! XD

I agree that the Skin Food SA is snobby. Nakakatamad talaga tuloy bumili!

Anonymous said...

hi kawaii shobe musta na ?! wwhere you'd been hehe.. di pa rin nakakapunta Trinoma malayo ba sya from crossing?!
pretty look again hmmm geo lenses is must have lol :D

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

@Ms Nikki-yey!! no break outs too,but i still want to see how itll end up on my 2nd week.

@cheyzzer-yes egg is on sale!!!trinoma mall have a lot of beauty stalls!high ends and low end.GI joe was okay,effects are good..no wow factor but its okay.
@Tish-thank you TISH!!!!

@jing-uu dear this is trinoma,san ka ba banda?sa pasay?

@angie-i hate SA's like that.to hell with them.heheh.

@louie-thank you LOUIE!!!!been busy with school and my net connection was kinda slow so posting was unbelievably hard last week,but i still read your posts!!hehe.incognito shobe!!CROssing?san yun hahhaa.

~tHiAmErE~ said...

hnd ko to nkita sa dashboard ko..
namiss kita a!

yung laneige nsa taas..
my boutique xa...
hnd ko lang mtandaan kung san mismo kc tagal ko na hnd nkapunta sa trinoma..huling punta ko dun ginagawa pa lang e

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