How to:Smokey Night Emerald Look

Saturday, August 29, 2009
hi there here is another picture tut. on how i did the Smokey-ish night emerald Look..ooohh dramatic name ahaha,its a simple smokey look last post was very disturbing isnt it?well if youve seen and read it you would know that i was secluding myself in the dumps..that is why i was not able to leave comments but i still am reading your posts...anyway i manage to fixed it and i am now back into to below is the finished eye Look ^^ enjoy ladies.

1.apply base(i used estee lauder green automatic creme eyeshadow)..blend it
2.metallic blue/navy eyeshadow(LA colors metallic e/s in mesmerize)
3.dab it on top of the green base then blend..apply it just above the outer portion of the eye as well.(outer V) shimmery e/s.

5.put it on top of the blue/navy e/s
6.get a dark/black e/s
7.define your outer V..and blend..
8.get a shimmery satin mint e/s(estee lauder palette)

9.apply that on the inner corners of the eye blending upwards until it meets the dark e/s.
10.highlight your browbone.
11.line your upperlashline,lower lashline,and waterline(wooah..thats a lot of line..)(gel liner)
12.then get a thin brush dab it on the blue/navy e/s that we used and top it on the lower lashline to smoke and seal it as well......THEN CURL LASHES AND APPLY MASCARA !

and here is the finished EYE...Dont mind the brow....haha frizzy..

i winged the liner out .
closed eyes.
random cam whoring...
..silly FACE!!!i huffff and i pufff!!!!..OH!!!! EXAM WEEK NEXT WEEK!!! ugh!!!
so there yah go..thanks for visiting my place...have a nice day people.!!remember it takes more effort on the facial muscles when you frown! always smile!!!

9 Beauty Bag Lovers:

Elsa said...

you looked so lovely sis.... nice pose too hihihi!!!!

donnarence said...

nice shobe... very sultry yet very wearble.. :D

Askmewhats said...

this look is pretty and works great on you! :)

Tish said...

Pretty! I love it!

BECKY (Embrace Your Imperfections) said...

you are too cute!! i love the look you did. it looks very nice with the pink lips.

Anonymous said...

kaw nga dyan blooming palagi paganda ka ng paganda :P. your make up here -its SO YOU.simple and wearable but still sultriness is still there .

thanks for the comment lol. i love it!

Jbreezybaby said...

looks pretty shobe!!! I'll probably copy this one of these days haha. I tagged you btw, check mo nalang blog ko. have a great day!! ;)

rhaindropz said...

loved it =)

Khymm said...

love it! how i wish marunong ako ng smokey eyes.. =(

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