hi there ladies...i wasnt able to post anything for the past 2 days..hehe,cause i was kind of busy trying to cross enroll my philosophy subject..darn..another waste of money..LOL..anyway yesterday we went to robinsons place(mall) and the mall is on sale..i wasnt able to get a shot of the stalls who is on sale cause my camera died on me again...so anyway here are some FOTD shots.

face:olive fair(everydayminerals)/esteelauder blush/TBS brush on bronzer/Pick me up concealer(everydayminerals)

Lips: maybelline light berry.

i tried contouring my nose as well as my cheek bones,and i used the EDM pick me up as a highlight.

eyes:coastal scents..purple and baby blue...love how it turned out..so vibrant and very fun to look at.

again at the mall yesterday we dined at kenny rogers(dinner),and it was so crowded!!.but Lil R wanted us to eat there so we did not have a choice..did we?hehe

after we ate we went to this stall of nail polishes who sells....nail polishes of course haha,i mean they sell different types of nail polishes from pens to nail art brush to stickers,majority of their products are from BNC..and since i was searching for a dupe of my konad nail special polish,i bought 2 polishes from them...and it worked!!love it!

here is my nail art using those polishes as a substitute for my special nail polish..

the fusc...fuzc..pushcha..fusia..fuscia...ahhh..the RED nail polish is from sally hansens i used a sponge to apply it on my nails..

ooohh OILY!!im kinda breaking out this week...cause ive been so stressed out and continuously exposed to the heat..and i tend to sweat a lot..im not kidding..make up melts on me..aside from having an oily face i also have a sweaty face..ugh..
and here is my empty J&J compact..i saw this at my stash,i had this since i was in highschool..haha.i cleaned it 3 times to make sure no bacteria would survive hehe,i used my old nail polishes to revamped it..makeover time!!.then i swirl a pastel nail polish on top of the purple polish for glazing effect.
and look!!i fixed my estee lauder blush...it was crushed so i grind it and kept it on a powder case,but now i fixed it using the alcohol method.
and i pressed it very nice..hehe.it took a day for it to dry..

so that is all ladies thanks for visiting my blog!!!! have a nice day!!and im going to make a post on how to make your own nail art pen!i found out this alternative if you dont want to spend your moolah on nail art pens,so instead of buying them you can put your own polish in it,and it was so related on my course.love yah!!

12 Beauty Bag Lovers:

Pammy said...

I know exactly what you mean when you say make up melts on you. I, too, have both oily and sweaty face which is frustrating. :P

KRYSTAL said...

i love your skin!

Anonymous said...

sis do a tutorial on this look :) LURVE IT!

neurochiq said...

Just curious hun, what's the "alcohol method"? How do you restore your crushed blush? =D Thanks!

Elsa said...

shobeeee! missed your FOTDs hehehe! talaga sale ulet sa robinson...hmmmm sarap magpunta ah...esep esep muna katatapos lang ng sale sa SM north eh! pano mo ginawa ung nails mo parang stamping yan hindi bah? love the purple look girl!!! take care!

Jackie said...

I love your nails!

Khymm said...

pretty as usual! how i wish i look good on purples too! =) you did a good job pressing your blush! hehe..
tried pressing a cheapy eyeshadow for practice, di nagwork hehe

Anonymous said...

its like "how to revamp your old blush"

di pa naman ako nababasagan ng mga makeup... (crossing my finger)
kasi naman ang bagal ko kumilos. haha!

pawis o hindi... kagandahan pa rin! haha!

have a nice day shobe :)

donnarence said...

shobe hallo.. :D ang ganda mo sa 3rd pic.. super!!

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

Thank you so much ladies for the sweet comments *blush*

Anonymous said...

hi pretty shobe i love your contact lenses here.. blooming ang lola :D your becoming make up savvy na din :D

thriszha said...

im really glad that i found ANAOTHER PINOY BLOGGER....hope u check my site soon... i also love konadicure!!!

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