BIGOLI Italian Restaurant

Thursday, August 20, 2009

remember my latest post on trinoma mall?that day we dine at BIGOLI,a restaurant located on the third floor of trinoma,near the cinema's ticket booth.

the place was decent enough..harhar..good ambiance,this is not a sit down restaurant,you need to order your food at the counter..

after Mr. R and me made our orders they gave us this bread can see an employee roaming all over the place giving breadsticks,much like the person who gives free rice refills in TOKYO TOKYO but instead of rice,it was bread.

they have free drink refills as well...iced tea and orange juice,they have a standby cruttons on the condiments area too

service was nice.

for the food:i ordered pesto,i was supposed to have the regular sized one but since i thought that they might not offer big servings i went for the large...and boy it was LARGE...haha...again with the complimentary breadstick.,im glad that this doesnt have the large garlic buds like chef d angelos pesto.

PESTO LARGE(125-140.oo php)

Mr R ordered...i forgot the name...ahaha.
Mr.R's Food(140-160.oophp)

the food was okay,no "awe" factor,but its better than chef d angelo's for me..they have big servings,free drink refills,free breadsticks,as well.
Look at my plate,its still half empty..its too much for me dont get me wrong i like the food,its just that,i did not felt nor tasted the "this is great" factor.

Me And Mr R. finished our meal with a bloated tummy,and a happy wallet.Very affordable indeed!.In terms of taste well....i ve tasted better foods..its a So So Restaurant.

Well TaTa guys!!have a nice day!

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Saiyan said...

wish i could drop by since im just near trinoma mall...

BECKY (Embrace Your Imperfections) said...

how cool. the food is soo cheap grabe!!

joyciexclusive said...

wow affordable ah. pero am not really a fan of italian food. is it just an italian resto?:)

*Nehs* said...

wow! ang mura nga! hehe.. akala ko mahal kasi ang ganda ng place! para ngang chalap nung Pesto!!

Soapaholic said...

I love Italian food!:) I've been here before, and I loved their super soft bread. Haha. Don't know lang if it's like that all the time.

Anonymous said...

hmm looks yummy .the place is really cool and classy kala ko cant afford ang food LOL..

twinsouls888 said...

As usual pag food na ang paguusapan, excited ako ^_^. Lakas ko kc kumain buti na lang di ako tumataba hehe. Ay girl, may tanong lang me. Na try mo na gumamit falsies (fake eyelashes). I'm really interested to try , gawa ka naman post kung pano gamitin at kung saan nabibili yang mga glue glue na yan, sa national bookstore ba? (kidding) hehe^_^

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