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Saturday, August 08, 2009
hi people the lovely thiamere gave me and award and may i say that i love this..hehe really thought this one through.THANKS GIRL!
Rules of acceptance:

1) Acknowledge the person who sent you the award.
2) Nominate 7 other blogs.
3) Share your 7 personality traits so we can get to know you better.

okay here we go:
first-OPTIMIST...-same as the person who gave me the award(thiamere) i am an optimist as well,i tend to look at the positive side of the situation,may it be a crisis or just a simple misunderstanding.I look for the solutin and try to focus on it,of course i still have to take into consideration what the problem is but thats it,and then ill continue for the soulution.cause "in every problem there's always a solution"

second-Forgiveness-i am the kind of person who can be mean and sinister sometimes but that'll only happen if you crossed my boundaries,but after that burst...i keep my cool down and let bygones be bygones.i dont know why i have that kind of trait i dont want it...harhar,but my heart keeps on telling me to forgive and forget..i just thought that if the almighty one can do that..why cant i right?

third-i Cant Stand Plastics-ahm i dont know if this is a trait..anyway...people often go with the flow when it comes to plastics,i mean when you have a girl friend who can sometimes be bitchy and totally nonbiodegradable(plastic) can you say it straight to her face that she is a one big of a pretender/plastic.For me if you dont like me then dont come near me its as simple as that,just stop buzzing rumors and still have the face to talk nice and act friendly with me,cause i can really sense a genuine friend,and plastic smells like styro..nasty stench.ahaha.

fourth-im a mirthful person-i always laugh,i often think that i laugh that much i might go crazy or people might think that i am going gaga/nuts..i enjoy being jolly especially now that i have my son to share my laughter lets all laugh..AHAHAHAAHahahah......ahahahahahahahHahaha...echkk....ha..ha..enough..

fifth-Pity/Empathize/Sympathize--i have been like this since i was a kid,i started feeling this strange emotion when i saw those beggars at the church i thought,i wish i can make them rich,i wish i can give them shelter..the thought of me as a child...when i was a teenager i felt that again but in a different way,not on a beggar this time but from a friend,i know what they are going through but i dont feel pity,i just let them know that i am hear whenever they need the latter years i felt it again but it was different from the two,i felt it when i was nursing a patient in my OJT..i came to realize that i dont pity him,and its not just sympathy...i can feel what he was going through,i know it was hard,its like i am in his shoes..i realize i have learned to emphatize..

sixth-Temperamental--yes i do admit..i am excessively sensitive,hehe,but im not the person who will go wild at such things..i just tend to change my mood faster than any person i know.

seventh-I Love to Love--what can i say..the word speaks for itself..who doesnt love to love..i know some may be afraid but they still want to love..oh and i love to do tight hugs as well i call it "GIGIL HUG"..well that's what i call my hug when it comes to my 2 boys hehe

so that is all.THANKS again sis thiamere for the award!

now i need to share this to other peepsple.


5 Beauty Bag Lovers:

~tHiAmErE~ said...

saya naman

now i get to know you more!

i believe that laughing is really part of being a filipino & im proud to be a filipina!

Ida said...

aww thank you so much for the award sis! :)

you've got a lot of wonderful traits. it's good to be optimistic, forgiving, and loving! :)

BECKY (Embrace Your Imperfections) said...

i enjoy reading this. dealing with "plastics" are the worst thing. I deal with some of them at work.

Anonymous said...

nako shobe, i had friends before who are non-bios too. and i hate myself for not standing up against them.

you posted nice facts about you shobe.

re: bb cream
mukha yata ako ghost sa sobrang puti. seriously, medyo fair na ako, sumobra pa sa pagka fair.
i know you, because you are bb cream user, and i will follow your advise. because all i thought, ill just use it alone :I

Pammy said...

i like how you referred to plastics as non-biodegradable :)

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