I was Tagged By BEGSBEE.10 things to KNOW!!

Friday, July 10, 2009
hello everybody!weekends are finally coming,i dont know but this week seems so long for me.hehe.anyway i was tagged by Begsbee about 10 THINGS TO KNOW About Me.So i will try to give you a somewhat detailed honest things about me.

1.I got pregnant at an early age.It wasnt planned but life is unpredictable,it will give you obstacle for you to learn and grow,and i did.

2.Mr R. is my second Bf...actually my first relationship wasnt really a relationship so to speak,i was 15 or 16 years old at that time,and as far as i can remember i am not interested in any of the opposite sex,as i am interested in playing online games at that time.So when i stepped college i got lonely and BAM!.hehe.girly girl side of me came blooming in.

3.I was a tomboyish girl when i was in gradeschool and 2ndyear h/s.Having 3 brothers wasnt the best thing for me,but i cant complain cause i really love them.We played basketball,counter strike,we even try boxing...what they play i played at that time.=D

4.I am not a good singer..i can sing but people seems to go away when i start singing....strange...but i can surely dance.cant have it both ways right?

5.I still have my diary when i was in gradeschool(6th grade)and highscool(7th grade and 8th grade.) i often read them and it makes me laugh everytime.

6.I still love playing online games.Like ragnarok.cant get it out of my system,the good thing is that i can control my urge now,not unlike when i was in my junior years.

7.I still have this thing that everytime i go to sleep i must have a drink of hot chocolate first,and if i did not?...i cant sleep,usually Mr. R's the one who makes them for me,theres this one time that he fell asleep and i did not had my chocolate drink,he woke up at 3 am and i was still surfing the net..he asked why am i still up i said..i cant sleep...he immediately asked "do you want me to fix your hot drink?".hehe

8.i am not good at public speaking,my heart pumps so fast if im in front of a crowd,my joints trembles,my mouth runs dry..stage fright?no its not it..thats just me being nervous.

9.Sometimes i cant keep my mouth shut,as long as i know that i am on the right page,i dont keep my opinion to myself,i share them,like when i saw someone who is freakingly cheating on a friend i bust them out even if the one who cheats is my friend himself.

10.i am not a hippocrite,to tell people that i dont lie but instead i do this... i tell what i like,i dont give dishonest crap just to make someone happy,i think thats just prolonging the lies of that person.(this is just an example but i hope you'll get my point)like when someone asked me if she is pretty or not ill say yes if you are and just smirk and say nothing if you are not,i wont give a straight comment because for me thats being rude.but atleast i did not tell you a crappy lie.

so thats it hehe.thanks begsbee for this tag..like it!!


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Anonymous said...

@7 - chocolate i think contains a chemical that found also in coffee- sabi nila sister of caffeine ..a stimulants .... may katulad ka shobe mother ko painumin mo sya ng kape sa gabi mas aantukin at makakatulog agad haha not kidding!

nagiisa ka pa lang girlash are you the eldest?

@10 marami kang natamaan dun !!ouch naguilty ako hahaha...

Anonymous said...

PS. thanx for the tag this is really fun.

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

@louie-LOL!! example nga lang eh!hehe,not literally that situation.wla kasi ako maisip.

Yes i wonder nga kasi chocolate is a stimulant but i cant sleep without the drink e.

Anonymous said...

hi shobe :)

as regards your NO. 3 ...

of course you can sing! you are pinoy! :)

~tHiAmErE~ said...

haha..lol at you being a game addict..
i am too!
i usually stayed all day playing playstation just so that i could finish the blasted resident evil when i was still a teen..lol!

its nice that Mr. R really takes care of you...& fixes you a hot choco every night

stage fright...i do too..i remember before when we had a group declamation & i have to say something with a loud voice...na mental block ako..nkakahiya!


thanks for the tag will do it later

have a great weekend,hun!

A View from the Edge said...

Hi there! Thank your for doing this tag:) You're right, I hate public speaking, too that's why I can never be a politician, lol :D. Even when I was in college where we were required to do presentations and stuff like that, I dreaded it! My tummy would hurt terribly and I felt I had to poo in the bathroom~~haha. Anyway, your son's adorable :)

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