Fresh Coral EOTD+ i have a 100 Dearies......

Friday, July 31, 2009

hi dearies!!!!!!i already have 100 blog thanks.i never thought how great it'd feel to have people like you who reads my blog,so i want to dedicate this simple look that i made to all of you.THANKS AGAIN!!

Fresh coral-ish look hahar.the finished look..

1.a peachy shade e/s
2.put that all over the lid.
3.taupe e/s
4.put that on the outer lid and slightly up to the crease just stop blending in the middle.

4.a light shimmery pink e/s
5.put that on the inner corner of the eye up to the middle crease meeting the taupe e/s e/s
7.blend it on top of the taupe e/s just on the outer part.

8.shimmery silver blue e/s
9.put that on the brow bone to highlight
10.apply liquid e/l
11.and a black e/l on the lower lashline and waterline it off with a black e/s to set
12.curl lashes and apply mascara

the looks:

simple but appealing.

lips is from estee lauder
blush from maybelline and new carsmel edm

so that is it ladies thanks again for being so nice and keep those comments coming hehe.MWUAH! i really do appreciate each and every one of them!!
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hello ladies so i was browsing my facebook a while ago and i found this video of dancing robots its sooo cute and they were dancing to the tune of NOBODY! GO WATCH IT CLICK HERE

anyway i am planning to buy the konad starter set.i think thats what its called..since i dont want to hear myself ranting again.but this time ill go directly to their store and bring my own nail polish ahhaa,the first stamp set that i bought isnt authentic in the first place..NOW GO WATCH THE VIDEO its FULL of CUTENESS i just have to SHARE it.

and i have found a new seller of geo contact lenses who offers less price guaranteed authentic..yEY!!i posted her link on the side of my blog ^_^>>

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shimmer dark blue FOTN

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

hi lovelies,here is another look for you all. ^^now this is just me playing with my makeup again.

face:smashbox backdrop cooling tint in 02/everydayminerals pick me up concealer,la colors duo blush.

lips:nyx narcissus + home made lipgloss

eyeshots:looking down:i used f21 white eyeliner as a base.

eyeshadows are from esteelauder and la colors. all have this shimmery silver specs

gel liner from coastal scents and estee lauder more than mascara.

i also applied the dark blue e/s from my lower lashline.and silvery starblue(esteelauder) as a highlighter.

eyes closed..coal color e/s on the outer lid(la colors)

camwhoring time:

hehe notice my horse pendant thats my son's by the way.

strike a pose!..this is the clip that i always use to shove off my bangs out of my face,i use this everyday whenever im at school.

and thats it gals ^_^ have a nice night.hehe.mwuah.

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Review:The Body Shop Brush-On Bronze

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

hello there dear readers..good day to you guys i am here for a makeup review,i really love this bronzer,cause its not too burnt on my skin,as long as i apply it with a light hand.anyway here is The Body SHop's Brush-On Bronze..


product description:

Best if you want to: Add a touch of radiance to your face, cheeks and décolletage using bronze or buff colored powder beads with light-diffusing particles and pearl pigments.

Best for: all skin types

What it is designed to do: Community Trade marula oil from Namibia leaves skin soft and supple. Light-diffusing particles and pearl pigments instantly brighten skin and help reduce the appearance of fine lines. Bronzing in Three Easy Steps

the sponge....mine wasnt really dirty thats just the products shade rubbed on the the picture and you will see tiny specks of shimmery glitters..soo nice...product wasted.

the product:my classmates in junior years snatched some of the beads..dont bring this kind of make up to school,some of your friends will definitely grabbed one or two of this for sure.
some of the beads rolled off a month ago,and it was crushed..sad..anyway this has 2 tones with the same shade.a lighter bronze and a darker gives out a shimmery finish but its not too intense.

the sponge is a bit thick i really dont know what this sponge is for..but it serves as a good barrier to keep the beads in place.

i dont know if you can see since the flash blurs out the photo and i applied the bronzer with a stippling brush hence the sheer finish.but IMO you can definitely tell the difference between a blush and the bronzer when applied..Here it gives me this luscent natural glow "sunkissed glow" in laymans term.

side view:used as a blush..(i swept it on the apples of my cheeks up to my temples)see..its really not that shimmery..

Zoom OUT!:(sorry for the ugly flash) but try to click the picture.
it gave me this very nice glow which i totally love,its not only good for a night out,but i think i can work it out in the day light as well.if you want a heavier bronze shade you can definitely build the color up.i dont know about the brightening effect thingy..but i think it somewhat lightens my face up.


what i like:
  1. it gives me a natural glow w/o looking muddy(notice how some bronzer gives us the mud face look/dirty face look)
  2. not too shimmery(can pass as a matte bronzer when you apply a powder on top of it)
  3. pigmented(you can build up the color as well)
  4. will last you a long time.
  5. you can move some beads on a smaller packaging so that you can bring it with you.
  6. lasted long on my face(with a primer)

What i dont like:
  1. the sponge..i think some of the beads shade was rubbed off in the sponge,such a waste.

price:since i bought mine on ebay this costed 800 php(roughly 17-18$)

COnCLusion: I LOVE IT!!!!.hehe although i like my clinique more than this but i think I'd stick with this one for a while...

have a good Weekdays.. ^_^

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Sunday, July 26, 2009
its out!!!!!!!!! the results are in! and Mr R PASSED!!!the licensure examination for sooo proud of you my BIG KAHUNNAA!!!heheh...thanks to everyone who prayed and thank you god for hearing our prayers!!its a funny story actually while we were watching harry potter his brother called him that he passed but then one of his classmate texted him that he failed,i can see him twisting and turning inside the cinema but it was confirmed already that he passed,he just wanted to see the whole post himself..bottomline is im so proud of him =D
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I was Tagged By BEGSBEE.10 things to KNOW!!

Friday, July 10, 2009
hello everybody!weekends are finally coming,i dont know but this week seems so long for me.hehe.anyway i was tagged by Begsbee about 10 THINGS TO KNOW About Me.So i will try to give you a somewhat detailed honest things about me.

1.I got pregnant at an early age.It wasnt planned but life is unpredictable,it will give you obstacle for you to learn and grow,and i did.

2.Mr R. is my second Bf...actually my first relationship wasnt really a relationship so to speak,i was 15 or 16 years old at that time,and as far as i can remember i am not interested in any of the opposite sex,as i am interested in playing online games at that time.So when i stepped college i got lonely and BAM!.hehe.girly girl side of me came blooming in.

3.I was a tomboyish girl when i was in gradeschool and 2ndyear h/s.Having 3 brothers wasnt the best thing for me,but i cant complain cause i really love them.We played basketball,counter strike,we even try boxing...what they play i played at that time.=D

4.I am not a good singer..i can sing but people seems to go away when i start singing....strange...but i can surely dance.cant have it both ways right?

5.I still have my diary when i was in gradeschool(6th grade)and highscool(7th grade and 8th grade.) i often read them and it makes me laugh everytime.

6.I still love playing online games.Like ragnarok.cant get it out of my system,the good thing is that i can control my urge now,not unlike when i was in my junior years.

7.I still have this thing that everytime i go to sleep i must have a drink of hot chocolate first,and if i did not?...i cant sleep,usually Mr. R's the one who makes them for me,theres this one time that he fell asleep and i did not had my chocolate drink,he woke up at 3 am and i was still surfing the net..he asked why am i still up i said..i cant sleep...he immediately asked "do you want me to fix your hot drink?".hehe

8.i am not good at public speaking,my heart pumps so fast if im in front of a crowd,my joints trembles,my mouth runs dry..stage fright?no its not it..thats just me being nervous.

9.Sometimes i cant keep my mouth shut,as long as i know that i am on the right page,i dont keep my opinion to myself,i share them,like when i saw someone who is freakingly cheating on a friend i bust them out even if the one who cheats is my friend himself.

10.i am not a hippocrite,to tell people that i dont lie but instead i do this... i tell what i like,i dont give dishonest crap just to make someone happy,i think thats just prolonging the lies of that person.(this is just an example but i hope you'll get my point)like when someone asked me if she is pretty or not ill say yes if you are and just smirk and say nothing if you are not,i wont give a straight comment because for me thats being rude.but atleast i did not tell you a crappy lie.

so thats it hehe.thanks begsbee for this it!!

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