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Wednesday, June 24, 2009
Do you use photoshop?
  • No i dont,i like to use it but sadly i am not that good with computers and donwloading and stuff,so i will stick at paint and microsoft pics right now.
Why does youre eyeshadow color appears vibrant?
  • well i really dont know,what i do is i take a pic with lights off then i put this lamp infront of my face that is basically why most of my backgrounds are dark but my face pics appears vibrant.
Where do you edit youre blogspot site at youre pics?
  • i asked my cuz to make me a small name thingy and then she emailed me back with this attachment that i copy paste everytime i want to put it in my photo.
When did you gave birth?
  • when i was 19,i got pregnant at 18.
Why do you always go to the mall with youre family?
  • coz the mall is only 2-3 blocks away from our house and when we dont have anything else to do,we often go there(arcade) to let the time pass

1 Beauty Bag Lovers:

~tHiAmErE~ said...

i agree...it's with the light!
i find that taking pic in daylight really shows the true colors
& so is being in a well lighted & white room!

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