Product Review:Neutrogena Fine Fainess UV compact

Tuesday, June 23, 2009
hello ladies its pouring rain outside today,so instead of staring at the rain...while sighing at the same time,i thought that i should do something is a review on my HG powder/foundation.
the box,this is just my backup.the one that i am using is almost on its way to being extinct...actually it is..ill show u later.

the packaging.its just a simple silver non glossy case.

the shade is light beige#10.i really dont know how many shades they have,but everytime i buy this thing i can only see 2 shades that they shelf out.

when has this big mirror which i love,at first it is the only reason why i bought this one,i was torn between this and the maybelline angelfit,but since this one has a bigger mirror..neutrogena's mirror won me over.,it also have this sponge made out of latex i think,which u can wet if u want a thicker coverage or u can just apply it as it is..i havent try wetting the sponge coz i use this one for touch ups and school days+ days where i want a simple look only.

close up,the pressed powder has this covering,where u can flip sideways,it prevents the fall out of the powder from invading the mirror and making it blurry..clean wise.
product says:
This extraordinary powder formulation blends evenly with skin tone to hide imperfections for beautifully natural-looking coverage. Contains Vitamin C and Licorice Extract, plus sunscreens to help protect the skin against harmful UV rays and prevent the formation of sunspots. Immediately leaves your skin luminous and helps improve skin fairness every time you apply it. Hypo-allergenic. Fragrance-free. Non-comedogenic. Resistant to humidity, sweat and sebum (oil). Comes in Light Beige and Natural Beige shades

this is the product swiped at the back of my hands the upper part have the product the lower part bare skin(bad lighting)see the difference?i also swatched it on top of the blended product.
Now MY CLAIM:this product have been my HG powder since i was in highschool(senior year) so ive been using this for almost 4-5 years,and yes its good,i doesnt break me out,what i like about this is its non comodogenic,which means it wont clog my pores,it has spf 15 and vitc and licorice extract which slowly whitens and/or prevent dark spots formation.As i have said i am a very OILY person,and my face sweat a LOT.But even if i sweat a lot after a while i can still see that this one doesnt fade out totally on my face,it still gives me this non wasted look(FRESH!!),and evens out my face,but,yes it still fades for up to 3hours on me,but i cant blame the product coz its the only pressed powder that lasted that long on my face and gives me a nice finish.(YES EVEN MAC BLOT!cant stand the oily face of shobe),it doesnt cake on my skin,feels light as well,.It retails for 700php plus(14$ plus)

In almost all of my photos i am always oily right?,but still my face doesnt look tired and it still looks kinda fresh and somewhat bright.the picture below is a shot of me wearing the neutrogena after a few hours,i sweated a lot and you will definitely notice the oil on my face,but in this photo i already wiped it with a towel.i have this act in where i always wipe my face...i know its bad but...the fact that sweats takes over my face...NO WAY!!.haha WIPE!!
  • doesnt cake
  • feels light
  • u can wet the spong thus making the application thicker
  • It doesnt totally fades out after i sweat
  • has spf 15,vit and licorice extract
  • BIG MIRROR!!(you can see your whole face)
  • non comodogenic,fragrance free,hypo allergenic
  • doesnt break me out
  • cheap compared to mac(700php +)
  • brightens and evens out my skintone making me look fresh.
  • humidity and sebum resistant..hmm not that much
  • if youre not into the big compact packaging,then this is not for you.
  • i think they only have 2 shades..correct me if i am wrong.
EDIT:You can buy this in any neutrogena stand inside watsons

and i would like to show what my current neutrogena looks like after the smashing and bashing thing that Lil R did.

so that is it!!!good day everyone..what is your favorite face powder that you've been using for a long time now?..=D

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Kaz said...

wah, only 2 shades? nahihirapan nanga ako sa 3 shades e! HAHA. usually pag 3 i but the 2nd one. so pag 2 lang, siguro ung darker ung akin?

where can this be bought? :D ung mga neutrogena stand kasi mga skin care stuff lang. sa watsons ba?

between this & revlon colorstay, w/c is better? i'm planning to buy the revlon kasi.

Shobe said...

@kaz-hehe i am not familiar with revlon colorstay pressed powder eh,kaya i cant compare,thanks for mentioning the where forgot to put it.btw sa mga watsons sis ko tlga nabibili,you wont notice it coz most of the products nga is skincare,but i thnk all watsons carry this product if not all most of them

Soapaholic said...

Oh wow super thanks for this review! Now I want to try this! But I promised myself I'd finish up my current foundies first! (Currently using MAC Studio Fix)

Angie said...

Haha, does the fish use neutrogena too?

I've been using Maybelline's two-way powder since high school, but I recently decided to stop using it since it now feels too thick in the strange weather we've been having. Global warming and all that, huh? (Also because I'm suspecting it's the culprit behind my pimple breakout. X_X) Currently I'm using Elianto's baked powder, and it does a pretty good job. (hahaha nagplug talaga eh! XD) No new pimples so far too.

I REALLY want to try the pigeon powder without mirror GTalkers have been raving about, though.

-Yu- said...

That box is so beat up. ha ha
I want to try this, i wish western store has more makeup suitable for asian skin/ yellow undertone. Don't you hate it when compacts breaks like that?

KRYSTAL said...

hehe love the last pic ;] i loove your skin!

*Nehs* said...

wow! sounds promising! i wanna try!

Shen said...

glad you have your HG. it use to be MAC studio fix.. can't remember na how much i emptied.. but now i love cargo HD pressed powder (for obvious reasons) and MAC MSF in medium plus.

tessa said...

hi, was able to find your blog through google.. I search the ellana cheek and lip tint and I saw your blog. nice reviews. keep it up.
I'm a fan of neutrogena. I've tried a lot of facial cares but this one fits me best. maybe one of ds days I'll try this product.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I am really Glad i discovered this web site.Added to my bookmark!

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