Product Review:Flatana Skin Renewing BB Cream

Monday, June 29, 2009
Its been 2 days now,since i first used the bb cream,i can now give an initial review.Since this is my first full size BB cream i did not went for the expensive ones,but of course i made sure that its not just any other bb cream.First i just want to inform you that the weather in my country is very hot..not like the sahara dessert hot,but its not that weather where make up agrees to stay put.People like me who sweats a lot,has an oily face,and makeup melts easily,really have a hard time searching for a good mattifiers and a makeup who can combat the oils on our here goes:''

The box-the has says "Collagen Choc Extra" i did not understand what it meant but search the net and found something that is similar to what it meant.I found this on the net with this chocolate collagen facial mask product:

It has rich natural cocoa polyphenols and hydrolyzed protein, is able to compact skin and promote blood circulation as well as remove aging cells, making your skin to maintain flexibility and vitality, nourishing the dry skin, to remove any accumulation of dirt from hair follicles. And prevent aging and other many functions

the packaging it self.

now here is the language barrier part:anyone who can read this pls leave me a comment on what it says..=D

and this too.

so here is my bare anything on the face.
the product is not as thick as the skinfood BB creams,so its easy to spread and i only need a pea size amount to cover the whole face

i dab it on my cheeks nose forehead chin before i spread it

this is the after face:see how my face and neck color differs upon application?but thats ok BB cream tends to blend to your skin color after a few minutes of putting it on.

face after putting neutrogena fine fairness face powder
on natural lighting..dont mind those tires i took a pic on the garage.see how bright it is..its really really hot outside,you will surely form a sweat even when sitting.

face after putting on my you can see i am on my way to school haha.but before that we went to my mom's house to pick up Lil R.

i sweated a lot but what captures my attention the most is its OIL CONTROL!!.this one is the best..well i only tried 2 bb creams as of now,the first one is a sample size of skinfood mushroom bb cream.and the flatana bb cream really stands out in terms of oil control,to think that i have been complaining on how oily my face is,and that no makeup in this world can keep my oil at bay.But i stand corrected.see how matte my face is even after 3 hours.compared to my other photos in which my face were really oily after 2 hours of makeup application.

and here is my face after 7 hours of putting the bb cream on...see!!theres still no sign of major OILINESS,Just a smooth natural glow!.I LOVE IT!!in my face is a mixture of sweat and oil haha. eventhough it rained and it made the air really uncomfortable,it still gives me this fresh matte but not dull look.No reapplication,no oil control sheets,just left it as it is.

compared to this photo..i look really oily.this is just 2 hours after i applied my make up on.see the difference?


Really good at controlling OIL!!(i promise!)
offers me medium coverage.(for me its a pro since i dont have much to cover can be a con to others,)
Really evens out my skin tone
gives me this flawless natural no make up look
very light
no smell
affordable @ 60 ml

Medium coverage( A PRO FOR ME!)
Not locally available.they have a site its

so that is it,for now it did not broke me out.but i will update if there will be any change.good day everyone

EDIT:august 13 2009:this bb cream was good at controlling my oilies at first...but now the oil control was not as good as it was the first time i used it.darn...

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ellainedale said...

wow! nice nman yan! i have same problem as yours when it comes to oilyness. how much mo nabili tsaka saan?? i also wanted to try it out..

~tHiAmErE~ said...

i haven't tried any BB creams yet..
kahit na i know that i have to...

but i'll keep this brand in mind if i have already made up my mind to get one

thanks for the review!

gracie said...

wow.. it's nice. I visited the site na, but cant understand wahehehe!

myjuicyfruit said...

hi sis :)

where can i order this? I'm super oily rin eh and I wna try it but taga california ako so is there a site na i can order this from? I tried ebay and I couldn't find it there :( Thanks!

Shobe said...

@myjuicyfruit-here is the site sis nasa korean writings siya eh so mahirap maintndihan.yung sister in law ko kasi un pinaoreder ko hehe

mszcheysser said...

Hey Shobe,

I added your entry to my blog. I am very, very, very sorry that this happened with your entry. I don't know what happened. :( I am sorry, I am so embarrassed. I hope you're not upset with me. This was not done intention or what not; and I apologize. Sorry :(

Anonymous said...

Hi =)

Hope u are fine.

Tell me... how much did you pay for this bb cream???
I can't find the price ...

thanks alot!
take careee

Camille(SHOBE) said...

its between 400-600 php dear

kymoupz said...

hi where did you buy this bbcream? thanks!

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