Out of Town With My Boys..

Monday, June 15, 2009
its pouring rain outside today..anyways,i just got home yesterday from our trip to Mr.R's oldest sibling,coz its my niece' birthday(june10),we stayed there for 2days,it was one heck of a trip,my butt hurts from all those sitting!.hehe.i got me some pics:

see how sunken my eyes were...lack of sleep.

i am listening to 2ne1's lollipop!LOL.see my bedazzled shuffle.lil R keeps on pushing the car's window button,he loves to see it go up and down

by the way say hello to kysha!!(shit zu)soo adorable,so small,looks like a pretty mice.haha

i look wasted.hehe.

we just finished our afternoon pool splash..i love those shoes,i never wash them but i love wearing it.looks so much dirty in person hehe

pool pose

here we are the next day.

the girl in the black shirt is pearl,the wife of Mr,R's brother.they look Hot!!
that night i got myself a drink with those pretty chikas,i dont know the alcohols brand but its vodka,and since i am not a drinker things like this is normal to me,my skin turned red so fast!haha.They also got the infamous PATRON,you know the one that they always include in some RnB song,Mr.R's brother passed me the info.haha,he also said that it's really strong.so here i am that night..i just took 2 -4 shots.

i look flushed..my skin look so cute when i saw myself in front of the mirror.haha LOOK MOM NO BLUSH ON.

here i am trying to kiss Lyanne(birthday girl)

and another shot..yeah!if hulk turns green when angry,i turn red when happy.haha

yumm!MUSSELS,i love the melted cheese they put on top of it.

here are the two BIG R with their child on that day...

some snap shot.from the left(apple(cute name right?),pearl(wife of Mr R's Bro)Joysa(friend of pearl),clarence(bestfriend of pearl)JOLO(brother slash sister of pearl,he is one gorgeous boy,but better looking as a girl,according to Mr. R)

and that was it!!.hehe good day to everyone!!!

4 Beauty Bag Lovers:

Anonymous said...

wow look like you had great time with fam fab!
lol @ your face lasshhing ka na dyan dude!!

Jian said...

Tooo cute! You have a perfect family!~ I can only wish...

Shobe said...

@Juris-lol haha i looked drunk diba,pero nasa katinuan pa ako niyan mabilis lang ako mamula.

@jian-haha theres no such thing as perfect.=p we can only wish both.hehe

KRYSTAL said...

love the pics!! and ooo muscles!! yummyy

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